Diversity In A Homeless Society

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Homelessness, we witness people that are experiencing it everywhere. It does not matter whether it is a third world country or a first world country, unfortunately all countries are having to deal with homelessness. Both adult and children are having to live with this terrible way of life. When somebody is homeless they do not have a permanent residency, they unfortunately do not have a safe place or somewhere to call home. People have to turn to being homeless for an assortment of reasons, some can become homeless due to an unfortunate tragic event such as house fire, disease and death or they turn to homelessness because of unpaid bills due to losing their jobs and then there is the selfish reason of having to turn to homelessness which is an alcohol/drug addiction or even a gambling addiction. …show more content…
The homeless society can be broken down into categories of families, children, veterans, the mentally disabled and the addicts. There are millions of people in the United States that are homeless. For some, they are only temporarily homeless usually having issues at home and have to sort it out before they can go back and reside there, then there are those that are circumstantially homeless which means they are homeless till they can get back up on their feet and then there are people who could be homeless for the rest of their lives. The homeless reside in places like abandoned buildings, cheap hotels, emergency shelters, in bus and train stations, under bridges, in subways and on the streets.

A reason behind people being homeless is the growing economy and the low unemployment rate. With that being said incomes are being lowered. Also, jobs that are less anchored are offering a reduced amount of

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