Effects Of Homelessness In America

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Homelessness affecting the United States

Surrounding the United States, there are many homeless people. You may find them around your city, on the street, at your school, or even at your job. Being homeless does not specifically mean living on the streets. There are people in this world who are living paycheck to paycheck, barely making a living. However, those people tend to hide the fact that they are struggling. There are many families in this world that barely make it through. Families of six, with a low paying job puts them in a tough situation. Being homeless puts a lot of stress on many individuals. The economy has a huge impact on homeless individuals, which will continue to increase over the years. However, homelessness is a huge
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Most of the income comes from a low paying job or it quickly disappears once all of the bills are paid. Most big families tend to have more financial problems than an average sized family. In Los Angeles, there about 53,798 homeless people in the city. However, it has less than New York City. New York City consists of about 64,060. On the streets, there are many homeless people who make a way of living. Finding secluded areas or even in clear sight, they each seem to make a way for them to sleep. There are also homeless people who reside near a busy highway or intersection. Most of the time, they each have cardboard boxes or posters with messages. With each message, every person hopes that someone will care enough to give them something. A dollar or two is very appreciated. However, there are phony 's who pretend to be homeless for attention. Being homeless is a serious hardship on life.

The biggest problem in the world with homelessness, is homeless children. On television, there are many paid-programs that persuade you to buy care packages for children. The cost is not very expensive, but the packages are mostly shipped to other countries. What about the children in America? There are some children who only get three meals a day from school. However, not all of them are able to eat the meals that are provided. Also, there are some schools who provide a small bag with non-perishable foods for students with
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I think there should be shelters that are big enough for men and women to have their own side. In some cities, there are only shelters for women and children, but not men. But, you also have the shelters who only have spaces for men. However, there are not many for men and children. It is very rare for men to have children with them at the shelters. In the biography The Pursuit of Happiness, a struggling father and his young son went from shelter to shelter before he could afford a motel. With the exception of him having a child, his position had gotten moved up in the line.

There are also many unemployed individuals who are granted assistance from the government. How come homeless people are not given assistance? Why aren 't they granted EBT or Welfare? I never understood that concept either. Homeless people should be granted more opportunities, than what they

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