Homelessness Problem Solution

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According to Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, the homeless population has gone up by 12% in the last two years in Los Angeles. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti already declared ‘state of emergency’ on homelessness in Los Angeles and he called for $100 million funding to deal with the emergency. Homelessness has been a stubborn problem in lots of countries and since the reasons behind homelessness are so complicated, most governments are unable to address the issue effectively. Now Los Angeles already has one of the largest homeless populations in the country, more than 44,000 homeless people, and the situation is getting worse due to rising rent, insufficient shelters, and increasing unemployment. It is very necessary to come up with practical solutions to address the crisis. …show more content…
Short-term solutions include providing temporary housing and providing funding to supportive organizations for them to accept more homeless people. Long-term solutions include offering job training to homeless people to prepare them for job opportunities, launching projects that provide jobs to trained homeless people, and providing medical care and treatment for homeless people with mental illness or addictions. The key cure to the stubborn homelessness problem is making homeless people be self-sufficient to truly keep them from sleeping at the street

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