The Homeless Survival Act

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What’s the first thing that the human mind thinks of when the words homeless individual is brought up? Is it a middle aged man on the side of the road with ripped pants and a torn up coat, or is it a mother struggling to keep her family alive?
It was recognized that the starting point of homelessness is followed back to when the pilgrims originated during the 1640’s, homeless people during this time period were considered dangerous and police were always on the hunt for them. In addition to this, towns during this time like Baltimore and Philadelphia had an increased number of homeless people than any town in America. The increase of homelessness at that period was an aftereffect of the King Philip ' War Of 1675-1676 (Homelessness History
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In 1857, a large portion of the developing urban areas around New York were loaded with homeless individuals yet there was no help from the government, not even concern shown from the government (Homelessness Origins). War seems to be the main cause to homelessness, because once again the Civil War increased the amount of homeless individuals. As homelessness consistently increased, the government finally came to their senses. The Homeless Survival Act was authorized in Congress in 1986. This Act was created in hope to end the homelessness plague. Even though the government has taken several actions in hopes of ending this crisis, homelessness is still a first world problem today (Homelessness History).
Individuals encountering homelessness are not a consistent group. It is evaluated that, throughout a year, somewhere around 2.3 and 3.5 million individuals will encounter becoming homeless, of which somewhere around 900,000 and 1.4 million will be young children. The primary reason in becoming homeless is the absence of a reasonable and stable home; without a home, an individual is indeed categorized homeless, it is shown in the root and suffix of the word (Homeless

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