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  • Chronic Homelessness Case Study

    shelters, instead she would visit emergency rooms to escape from the harsh weather outside. The housing first program was able to give her the home that she had always envisioned for herself. By receiving stable housing she was able to find the stability to work on her mental illnesses and substance abuse problems through the support services offered to her through the housing first program. Today she has been placed in a stable home for over three years and continues to help others by leading support groups for people in a similar situation as hers. Chastity was also able to open a nonprofit organization…

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  • Madeleine Hatoun Homelessness Case Study

    There are 172 homeless children in Chittenden County (this includes Burlington and South Burlington) alone, and COTS launched a #172 Campaign to help raise awareness of this pressing social concern. Programs include shelters for individuals, shelters for families, transitional housing, permanent housing, emergency grants for rental and mortgage payments. People also receive assistance with work force training, budgeting, navigating the welfare system, accessing affordable childcare…

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  • Homelessness Research

    Homelessness: Why do so many refuse to help? According to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (2005) there are an estimated 100 million homeless individuals in the world. In the United States alone there are estimated over 600,000 Americans who suffer from homelessness on any given night according to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. More than one quarter of these individuals are children under the age of 18 (2014). Homelessness is an issue that has been…

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  • Homeless Epidemic Essay

    shows it can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion and even social class. Even with government regulations there can occur a loss of financial sustainability by zoning regulations resulting in eminent domain over people’s properties when they have no place to go and with the high cost of housing either for purchase or to rent have sky rocketed. These people really do not have a choice but to be homeless.…

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  • Homelessness: The Struggle With The Homeless

    There is a serious problem in America; it is not a war, nor is it whom to vote for in a presidential election, it is the “love-hate relationship” Americans have with the homeless (Baum, A. S., & Burnes, D. W. 1993). Specifically, many citizens pity those they witness walking along the streets, or possibly hear about in the media, but for some reason, homelessness remains a major issue just as it has been for years. Additionally, many people have stereotypical views regarding chronic…

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  • Homeless Veterans Analysis

    The “Housing First” program is an approach to ending homelessness, developed in New York City, where instead of putting the homeless into shelters, they are immediately put into permanent housing as quickly as possible with voluntary support service provided to them. The housing first allows people to easily be placed in a house despite mental illnesses which has been known to bar the people who need help the most from receiving it, “people experiencing homelessness are provided with permanent…

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  • San Francisco Homelessness Essay

    I was curious that it is so common to see some people have to spend their nights on the streets in the flourishing city like San Francisco. In fact, the housing crisis has been a challenge social issue in San Francisco for a long period. I have been wondered how frustrated would be if a family has to sleep out on the streets, especially at the freezing nights. The Hamilton Family Center is the great option for families who experience homelessness to get various supports. It provides different…

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  • The Homeless People In Steve Lopez's The Soloist

    “There are 1.56 million homeless people that used an emergency shelter or transitional housing program this year alone” (Family Promise of Greater Orlando) There is also a capricious number of destitute people living on the streets. One story in contrast would be by a man known as Steve Lopez. Steve Lopez, author of the book The Soloist, gives us an inside on the daily life of a middle aged man known by the name Nathaniel Ayers. Ayers, talented musician, has been living on the streets of Skid…

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  • Essay About Homelessness

    people in the many empty homes across the United States. A program has been in the process of putting the thousands of American homeless people in the even greater number of foreclosed homes across the U.S.. The Housing First Program has been solving homelessness in several states throughout the U.S. for years. By giving out grants and donating money to this program, “Obama Administration has put a lot of weight (and money) behind these efforts”(Surowiecki), the federal government has…

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  • Urbanization And Homelessness

    SeaWorld, Disneyland, or sunny beaches are most likely the first images that come to mind when someone speaks of California. However, street corners, dumpsters, or food banks may be what another group of people may think when they hear the name “California.” Out of the 610,042 people in the United States found to be homeless on a single random night in January of 2013, twenty percent (20%) of those people were in California. Another thirteen percent was found in New York and another eight in…

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