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  • The Homeless Are Homeless People Analysis

    The Homeless Are Human Sleeping under bridges, on cold winter nights and starving until they find scraps of food, are the unimaginable experiences homeless people endure on a daily basis. In this photograph, taken at Skid Row, there is a homeless man lying in front of a painting that depicts a home. This photo brings light to the issue of homelessness and induces change for the homeless people in the United States. This photo is aimed towards the people who typically overlook the thousands of individuals that sleep on the streets and captures their attention through spray-painted artwork. The homeless man becomes a piece of the artwork; therefore, forcing people to examine him and his living conditions. The audience, thus, feels sympathy for the homeless man and feels ashamed for their previous perceptions of homeless individuals. This photograph contends that even though a person may be living underneath a bridge, they deserve support and respect; it makes that argument through the use of audience, image, layout and pathos. The United States is a nation of hard-working individuals that take great pride in who they are and what they do. The egos of many Americans, however, often cause them to shun and shame homeless people. Professor Paul Toro, of Wayne State University, asserts that “People have these attitudes — that they’re lazy, that they deserve what they get, they haven’t worked hard, they’re just looking for a handout. … and people with these attitudes lack compassion”…

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  • Rise Of Homelessness In America

    A husband sent to Rikers Island jail, and a protruding belly with another baby on the way, Belgica is $5,000 in debt from rent. In New York City, she had just lost her job in February and is being taken to court by her landlord. Her next option is to go to a homeless shelter, where it costs the city $100 a night to provide for one family. In one year, New York City spends $870 million that goes towards emergency beds. On average, many families will be without a home for 415 nights . The rise of…

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  • The Homeless People In Steve Lopez's The Soloist

    “There are 1.56 million homeless people that used an emergency shelter or transitional housing program this year alone” (Family Promise of Greater Orlando) There is also a capricious number of destitute people living on the streets. One story in contrast would be by a man known as Steve Lopez. Steve Lopez, author of the book The Soloist, gives us an inside on the daily life of a middle aged man known by the name Nathaniel Ayers. Ayers, talented musician, has been living on the streets of Skid…

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  • The Importance Of Homelessness In Skid Row

    Having a place to live is a fundamental necessity in life, it provides protection from bad weather, violence, and it improves the quality of life. Being able to write down an address on a job application should be an easy task to do, yet there are plenty of individuals who are unable to do so. Homelessness is a state of not having a permanent home or a safe and secure place to live in. In the City of Los Angeles they have named a town, "America 's Skid Row", where thousands of men and women…

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  • Should Homeless People Be Allowed To Keep The Homeless

    Mental illness is a great contributor to homelessness in fact, survey shows that mental illness is the third largest cause of homelessness in the United States. In 2010 a survey was taken to show the number of homeless people there were in large cities the combined total was 744,000. On the other hand, approximately one third of that population make up the homelessness are mentally ill to be specific that is 250,000 people and this number is growing even to this day. These mentally ill people…

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  • Persuasive Essay On The Homeless

    Homelessness A huge problem in America and how it should be addressed. Imagine being alone with no food, no safe place to go, and no one to help you. This is the life of a homeless person, a life hundreds of thousands of people face each day. With little to no support from the government, and only harsh laws that make life more difficult, life as a homeless person is far from desirable. The government should provide shelter, access to food, along with education and job opportunities for the…

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  • The Heroless Man In The Soloist, By Steve Lopez

    In The Soloist, by Steve Lopez, Lopez shows great character through his befriending of the mystery that is Nathaniel, a homeless man in Skid Row. The story reveals the marvels small acts can cause, and brings attention to the issues facing homeless people. Lopez reveals that citizens need to do more to help solve the poverty problem, and that what seems insignificant to one can in fact make a huge difference to someone else. It only takes one act of generosity to make a lifetime of difference.…

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  • Homeless People In America

    The city that produces the stars of the world also is the homeless capital of America. Homelessness is a growing issue in America as of 2012 about 633,783 people that were homeless across the country(Holland). There were 44,359 homeless people in Los Angeles County and 25,686 in the city itself, according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services. Homelessness damages the people affected mentally and physically like through their lost of skill. The inability to find the job because the fear of being…

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  • Deinstitutionalization Case Study

    There are 150 homeless people housed in the Central Iowa Shelter in the summer, and 400 cram into the same space to escape the cold in the winter months. 33% of homeless people have a severe mental illness as well, which adds to, if not initiates, their hardships (Homeless Mentally Ill par. 1). I once encountered one of these people at a soup kitchen. The man was very open about his mental illness and his positive experience in a mental hospital. Unfortunately, the mental hospital was shut down,…

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  • Lost Angels: An Unexamined Life Is A Life Not Worth Living?

    I am sitting down watching your lecture over Plato’s Republic Book 2. In this lecture you discuss how Socrates suggests that the basis of people is their education; not just any education but the education that comes before people of born. As I am sitting here my little brother pulls up this television show titled Lost Angels: Skid Row Is My Home. This television show is about the homeless people who live in Los Angeles, California and how they live. This show pisses me off to say the least;…

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