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  • Construction Science Personal Statement

    I was dead set on the University of Houston all of high school, but working with my dad I was exposed to many people with degrees in my desired area of study. The superintendents that I would speak all spoke inspiring words that I are a big reason why I am at this point. My views on the University of Houston soon changed when I noticed that all of the superintendents I knew went to Texas A&M University. I began to do some research and saw than A&M was one of the best in Texas to attend. However, being classified as international student my tuition would be much higher than the usual rate. I was trying to think of ways on how to go to college and help my parents not spend a huge amount of money as well. I was stuck in between Texas A&M and the University of Houston. Since I couldn’t make my mind in high school I decided to attend community college for my first two years. At the same time money was an issue. I wanted the best education that I could get, but I also did not want to make my parents go bankrupt. I started talking to my parents about it and we decided to talk to my dad’s accountant. My dad’s accountant, Eduardo, graduated from the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Your Hometown

    Have you ever compared your hometown with any of the other cities that you may have ever been to? If not, than what things can you think about that are similar and different in your hometown and other city you are comparing with? In the same way I am going to compare my hometown with the city where I am living currently. These cities are different and similar form each other in various ways but there are three main factors that distinguish Houston from my hometown (Lahore) such as, costs of…

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  • Why I Choose Texas

    from there branching off into cities. I have had the great fortune of living in Texas first. Texas is the state that I have lived in the longest out of the three. The first small city that I lived in is known as Portland Texas. I lived there from birth to age nine. Portland is the farthest city south that I have lived in, being just off the Gulf of Mexico. The second city I lived in had been the Woodlands Texas. I moved to the woodland at the age of nine and stayed till the age of eleven. The…

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  • Comparing The Sub-Indexes Of World Cities

    Our world, once divided by the vastness of its oceans, has become connected more so than ever through globalization. International transport, communication, and commerce are results of this development. While globalization has its benefits, it instills regional and global competition between cities. Some cities have flourished, becoming world cities. Others struggle to maintain or catch up. To better understand this sense of competition, indexes have conceptualized universal characteristics of…

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  • Urban Ballet

    I attended the performance entitled, Urban Ballet, at the Houston City Dance Studio. The studio is located near the Heights of Downtown Houston. Unbeknown to me, the show I saw on Saturday was their last performance. It consists of assorted styles of dance depicting the struggles of being an African-American using the music of Tupac. The Houston City Dance Studio is a nonprofit dance school and performing arts organization offering classes in ballet, jazz, tap, and modern dance. It was founded…

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  • Homebound Seniors: A Case Study

    I am as of now satisfying my enthusiasm as Texas Southern University (TSU) social work intern at Interfaith Ministries Greater Houston – Meals on Wheels (MOW) which is located on 3303 Main St. Houston TX. 77002. “In 1955, the Houston Council of Churches dispatched Interfaith Ministries (IM) ancestor association, the Church Welfare Bureau, to sort out the Protestant group to clergyman to those in need. In 1964, the Bureau was revamped as Protestant Charities, a gathering that was joined and…

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  • The Performance Of The Prologue And Act 1 Of Sleeping Beauty

    Center. The performance is choreographed by Stanton Welch and the dance company is the Houston Ballet. Overall I am truly amazed of the Wortham Theatre because it is elegant and well-organized. Attending a ballet show for the first time excited me very much and seeing the quantity of ballet accessories that were being sold I came to the conclusion that the performance of The Sleeping Beauty was huge. Therefore, I expected the performance to be enthusiastic, entertaining and worth-watching.…

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  • Personal Narrative: After Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina not only left the entire city underwater, it left thousands of people homeless, displaced, or dead. As I sat alone in my room watching the documentary, America’s Deadliest Storm, I could not help but think of how Katrina affected me. At the time, I was just eight years old and beginning the fourth grade. Looking back, I had no idea that this storm would be a life changing event. The documentary details the days leading up to the landfall of the hurricane in New Orleans;…

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  • Ben E. Keith Foods Business Analysis

    Keith both have centers in Houston Texas. Sysco’s headquarter are located in Houston. This gives them a greater advantage in the area. They are well known in the Houston area and their distributions centers are located around the United States. Sysco is currently generating sales of $46 billion. Ben E. Keith is only generating $3.4 Billion. Performance food group is also a very strong competitor for Ben E. Keith. They also operate in the southern area of the United States. Performance food group…

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  • Analysis Of Rambert Dance By Christopher Bruce

    Christopher Bruce is a famous British choreographer and performer, Bruce was also an artistic director for the Rambert Dance Company. He has been a resident choreographer for the English National Ballet since 1989. Bruce created ghost dances in 1981, an influence for this creation was the 1970’s political coup against the Chilean government. After meeting dancer Joan Jara and learning of how her husband was murdered and their experiences and the experience of other survivors who lost family…

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