Martha Graham

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  • Choreographers: Martha Graham

    Choreographers attempt to “expand breadth and increase the depth of performance,” by expressing an idea through the ever evolving art form, dance. Born in 1894 Allegheny- Pennsylvania, Martha Graham an inspirational choreographer, embellished historical American culture and woman rights. A revolution and adventure in itself. Graham establish new pathways in the field of choreography and performance through family influences plus through different eras. Graham, once described as “indomitable, moody and dream-obsessed,” was heavily influence by her parents. Her indomitable characteristic was developed through her father, George, a physician with special interest in ‘matter of the mind.’ Jane Beers, her mother, was a tenth-generation offspring…

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  • Martha Graham Contribution

    Martha Graham was a skilled and influential dancer who touched the lives of many. As an influential figure in someone’s life, one would leave a lasting mark on his or her actions, tendencies and personality. Graham left more than a lasting mark on the lives of Merce Cunningham and Paul Taylor; she gave them training to become the dancers and choreographers that they were destined to be. Martha started the idea of innovation and modernization in dance; Cunningham and Taylor continued it. Martha…

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  • Martha Graham Influence On Modern Dance

    held ballet in such high esteem. I am going to discuss one of, if not the, most important figure in modern dance history, and show how her accomplishments helped to secure the modern dance canon. Martha Graham demanded that her work be accurately reproduced, so she created rules for her movement. Moreover, modern dancers…

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  • Martha Graham's Inspiration

    want it to be beautiful or fluid. I wanted it to be fraught with inner meaning, with excitement and surge” (Martha Graham). Martha Graham is a famous American choreographer, dancer, and teacher of modern Graham and was an inspiration for many people, not only for a dancer. Also, Martha Graham was the first lady to brought muscle movements in dance and strong emotional story with feelings. Additionally, Graham also knows as “the mother of modern dance.” Her students included many famous people.…

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  • Martha Graham's Influence On Modern Dance

    Throughout Martha Graham’s lifetime, the world profound dancer and choreographer redefined modern dance as it was seen at this time. Graham was born in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, on May 11, 1894. Graham was identified as a pioneer and innovator of modern dance in this era as she rebelled against other creator’s of modern dance. Her influence on modern dance can be seen through the codified system of technique she created. This is likewise perceived through Graham developing choreographies using…

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  • Appalachian Spring Film Analysis

    World War II spanned the years of 1939-1945 and made a substantial impact on the dance world. In finding sources to apply towards researching World War II’s influence on Appalachian Spring (1944), I immediately went to YouTube. The iconic film of Appalachian Spring is a great tool to use when looking at the choreography, set, costumes, and musical score. The set, designed by Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988) is very simple, but is highlighted by it’s functionality of one side of an exterior wall, a…

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  • How Did Martha Contribute To Dance

    Martha was inspired by St. Denis performance at the Mason Opera House and enrolled in an arts oriented junior college and later at the Denishawn School, which was founded by Ruth St. Denis and her husband Ted Shawn to teach techniques world dance. She worked a period of time with Ted Shawn and Martha improved her dancing skills. She is recognized for her first role of an attacked Aztec maiden, “Xochital” and a dance made for her by Shawn. By 1923, eight years after entering Denishawn, she found…

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  • Bob Marley's Influence On Contemporary Dance

    During her seven decade long career, her modern dance and choreographies gathered the fame that is today. Martha Graham’s impact on dance was staggering and often compared to that of Picasso’s on painting, Stravinsky’s on music, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s on architecture. Her contributions transformed the art form, revitalizing and expanding dance around the world. In her search to express herself freely and honestly, she created the Martha Graham Dance Company, one of the oldest dance troupes in…

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  • Essay On 1920s Dance

    Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner. Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington were popular musicians that got their start in the 1920s as well. Alice’s Wonderland was also produced in this decade. Technology developed as well in this time period that helped along with dance techniques. The radio also became quite popular and helped push music forward and make it more popular. These all tied in with dance as more forms of expressionism were developing and growing only setting up…

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  • The Art Of Dance: Culture, Spirituality, And Traditions

    Dance may be perceived by some as merely choreography overlaid with music that governs the tempo and overall feel of the piece, however the art of dance is rooted in deeper facets such as culture, ritual, spirituality, and tradition. The culture and traditions that lead to certain dance styles and moves can be traced back somewhat to the economic and political status of the time period and location of the dance. For example, in Mary Wigman’s Hexantanz, or “Witch Dance” (1914), it’s not hard to…

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