Persuasive Essay Homelessness

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There is a serious problem in America; it is not a war, nor is it whom to vote for in a presidential election, it is the “love-hate relationship” Americans have with the homeless (Baum, A. S., & Burnes, D. W. 1993). Specifically, many citizens pity those they witness walking along the streets, or possibly hear about in the media, but for some reason, homelessness remains a major issue just as it has been for years. Additionally, many people have stereotypical views regarding chronic homelessness, and to whom it affects, but despite these perspectives something remains to be done in housing, healthcare, employment, and education (Rosenheck, R. 1994) to ensure a change in the endemic dispute. The idea of providing homes for those in need seems trivial, but once basic needs for survival are factored in, the problem evolves into an entirely new subject. However, in order to solve the widespread problem, those volunteering to assist must first define the issue.
Particularly, (Berlin, G., & McAllister, W., December 07, 1992) demonstrates the lack of knowledge many possess when attempting to provide help for those they cannot define. A fact he discovered by simply asking, “Who is the homeless?” (Berlin, G & McAllister W., 1993). Truthfully, throughout the years, this question has been answered ambiguously. Whether the
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S., 1999). In order to be effective, the helping-hand must primarily realize what, whom, and to what extent is affected which thereby enables a permanent solution for a once temporary problem to be discovered (Baum, A. S., & Burnes, D. W., 1993). By accommodating the basic needs of those affected, the society is rest-assured of probable self-betterment rather than basic government assigned homes to people with supplementary problems (Cobb, J., Brookman, P., & Siena, J. S.,

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