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  • Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department County Jail Case Study

    Introduction Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department county jail has become the center of attention and has been under great scrutiny over the years. Starting in May of 2010 ACLU conducted their annual report of the LASD jails conditions. Upon their investigation ACLU reported in detail serious allegation by two inmates that both of the inmates suffered serious injuries due physical abuse by deputies. Also the investigation found that treatment for the mental ill in insider the jails were subpar and needed to be reformed. In Later that year in September ACLU returned to the jails to due a follow up investigation to see if the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department made the necessary improvements, but found that none of necessary measure for reforming the jails had taken place. In 2011 ACLU witnessed two deputies physically abusing inmate by repeatedly kicking and tasering the inmate, who motionlessly lay on the ground. After reporting what has been going on in jails and witnessing deputies gang up on inmates, the FBI opened up an investigation. The FBI’s goal of their…

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  • Homelessness Detection Essay

    has increased rapidly, especially in the county of Los Angeles. From conducting search on the keyword “homelessness,” I found that there are a lot of people in the Los Angeles county who has been homeless for a while and it has been increasing continuously. According to the LA times, “L.A. sees another sharp rise in homelessness and outdoor tents” by Gale Holland and Peter Jamison shows that homelessness developed in the last year by nearly 47,000 people in the street and shelters regardless of…

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  • Addressing Homelessness Case Study

    Homelessness is an issue that goes back as far as the 1640s. The County of Los Angeles has been trying to combat the issues of homelessness for decades. The total estimated number of people experiencing homelessness in “Los Angeles County” according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) is “46,874, an overall increase of 2,515 people or 5.7% from 2015 (44,359)” LAHSA.ORG (2016). Although many programs have been developed over the years, the numbers continue to increase for…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay About Venice

    I’ve already seen it. The canal, the body builders, and the ridiculous tshirts that only someone stoned would buy. But I’m not from Venice. fourteen miles down south of the beach is South Central, my home for the first eighteen years of my life. Now, during holidays and breaks, I live in the middle of northern LA County in a desert called Palmdale. It’s important to note the differences. One that I learned immediately was that neighbors don’t like noise but love to phone police about it. Our…

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  • Downey And Los Angeles Similarities

    The two cities I chose to report on are Downey and South Gate. The reasons I chose these cities are I graduated from Downey High School and I grew up in the city of South Gate. From personal experience, I know that they are similar in many ways but also differ in terms of their economy just by observing the cities. This report will discuss the economic development goals of the two cities with emphasis on how they compare and contrast to one another and will determine the desirability of…

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  • Los Angeles Advantages And Disadvantages

    We chose Los Angeles to be the home of the Stingrays because Los Angeles is one of the only biggest cities in the country that doesn 't have a football team there, but also Los Angeles is one of the wealthiest cities in America, and it 's also surrounded by wealthy cities such as, San Jose and Silicon Valley. The average age in Los Angeles is about 34 which means most of the people in the Los Angeles region are employed. The average household income is about $55,000 which shows that families can…

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  • Eggleston Family Services Case Study

    include not having he ability to communicate with the county social worker in an efficient manner. There are many instances where the county social worker does not reply to email phone calls or text messages. From my experience CSW do not attend wraparound team meetings 7. Five agencies that Eggleston collaborate with to provide services to our clients are (1) The Help Group-3761 Stocker St Los Angeles, CA 90008. (323) 291-5003 Wraparound is an innovative program designed to maintain at-risk…

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  • Gang Allowances

    In every state and city there is always those type of neighborhoods that we consider or label as bad and dangerous. But what makes these cities so dangerous? Is it the people that settle in the neighborhood that makes them dangerous or the way media portrays them with the violence and segregations of organizations such as gangs and the crime rates? We see this occurring all around the world marking gangs as the number one problem to the situation. As a result we see many laws emerging across the…

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  • Chicano Punk Research Paper

    You can’t talk about Chicano punk without bringing up East Los Angeles and what was happening in the backyard punk scene. Even within the punk subculture, those from East Los Angeles were alienated by the West LA punks who were predominately white. Only recently has more awareness been given to a community that birthed greats such as the very political Los Illegals (founders of the Club Vex), the socially conscious and all female band The Brat, and the D-I-Y group The Plugz who eventually…

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  • Service Learning Project Essay: Graffiti

    prevent graffiti from showing up in our community. For starters, report any graffiti that appears in your community to the appropriate organization such as Sun Valley Graffiti Busters. Installing motion activating lights is also a great investment to prevent graffiti as the light will scare off the graffiti artist. Well-lit areas deter graffiti artists as they feel that they are too exposed to onlookers and there is an increased risk that the graffiti artist may be caught. Caring about your…

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