Lotteries in the United States

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  • Against The Odds By Gloria Jimenez Analysis

    Are the State Lottery’s Helping Education, or Hurting the Poor? In Gloria Jimenez’s essay Against the Odds, and against the Common Good, Jimenez states that “…most of the tickets are bought by people who don’t have much money, people who are near the bottom of the economic scale.” (Jimenez, Against the Odds…). This statement may seem like a stereotype to the lower-class of the United States, however, is there any merit behind such a claim? The answer is simple, yes! According to, they presented a claim from 2010 by the Journal of Community Psychology stating that “…lottery outlets are often clustered in neighborhoods with large numbers of minorities, who are at greatest risk for developing gambling addictions.” (Journalists Resources). Jimenez points out that the states that participate in lotteries are using slogans that appeal to the poor. She mentions that one state in particular, Illinois, used a slogan in poor neighborhoods that said “This Could Be Your Ticket Out”. Slogans like these take advantage of the lower-class, and gives them that false hope that by spending their money on lottery tickets, they can strike it rich. States also like to point out that by purchasing these lottery tickets, schools are major benefactors of the program. Exactly how much do schools benefit from these lotteries, and…

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  • Horse Gambling Research Paper

    Just like what happened with New Jersey’s casinos, gambling on the lottery is no longer stigmatized because state governments have linked lotteries with various worthy causes, particularly education. Unfortunately, voters in several states have been misled about how the actual proceeds of the lottery are allocated. Some states simply distribute all of the lottery’s proceeds to the government’s general fund. Other states use sleight of hand tactics by continually reducing the education budget as…

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  • Mississippi Should Replace The Casino System

    Have you ever wanted the chance to win millions upon millions of dollars by buying one single ticket? All of your dreams could come true when you play the lottery. When you play the lottery you have the possibility to change not only your life, but the people 's lives around you. However what do you do when the state that you reside in does not have a lottery system? Welcome to the state of Mississippi where the casino system reigns supreme, and a statewide lottery system is for the most part an…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Winning The Lottery

    The average state lottery has a jackpot odds of about 100,000,000 to 1 of winning, and I have always dreamed of being that one lucky winner. In life we all will experience some sort of event that will forever change us as a person and makes us see life differently. For me, winning the lottery is that life changing event I have always day dreamed happening to me. I believe a lot of good can come from such a change, however, with a change of this magnitude will also come some bad. Unfortunately,…

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  • Shirley Jackson's The Lottery: Submit Or Scream?

    “The Lottery:” Submit or Scream According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, prior to World War II Adolf Hitler scapegoated Jews, gypsies, and homosexuals for the economic problems that were facing Germany (Untied States Holocaust Memorial Museum). During the Holocaust, many in Germany, Austria, Poland, France, the Netherlands, and even America turned a blind eye while these individuals were rounded up and murdered. It is all too easy to call this atrocity history as if…

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  • Oregon State Lottery Case Study

    The Oregon State Lottery There are still many improvements to be made to America’s health care system, but it has improved tremendously since 2010 thanks to the Affordable Care Act. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of uninsured people living in America has significantly dropped from 15.4% in 2008 to 10.4% in 2014. As this data and the Oregon health lottery case demonstrate, health care in the United States was either inaccessible or too expensive for many Americans and still…

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  • An American Dream Essay: What Makes An American Dream?

    I recently watched a video clip on YouTube of Buffett describing how he won the “Ovarian Lottery” and I read a quote from his biography called the “The Snowball”. In his biography Buffett says, “I’ve had it so good in this world, you know. The odds were fifty-to-one against me being born in the United States in 1930. I won the lottery the day I emerged from the womb by being in the United States.” In my estimation I believe there 's a chance of one out of ten Americans to win the “Ovarian…

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  • Green Card Interview Essay Example

    My cousin has emigrated to the United States after winning the Green Card Lottery. This lottery makes up to 50,000 green cards winners every year who are from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. The Green Card Lottery also known as the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV Program) is administered by the U.S. Department of State (DOS). My cousin left Cameroon and arrived in the United States in November 2015 to start a new life and live the American dream. After pending…

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  • Should College Tuition Be Free Essay

    Free tuition can be made available to students through grants from lottery revenue collected by the state government and expanding the current financial aid program. Money for free tuition should apply only to community colleges and public universities within the state of Kentucky. According to a recent CNN report, “Tennessee and Oregon have already made community college tuition-free using state funds from lotteries and enrollment has increased” (“Six Things”). Currently in Kentucky some…

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  • The Sin Of Diddlebock Gambling Analysis

    1939, the United States faced a severe economic crisis known as The Great Depression. The unemployment rate in 1929 was 3.2 percent. In just four years massive unemployment struck the United States reaching an unemployment rate of 25 percent. As stability in the United States got worse, the U.S became involved as a global power in World War II which lasted from 1939 to 1945. After the war, under Truman’s presidency, the U.S economic standing took a turn that led to the economic boom, also known…

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