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  • Malcolm X Conspiracy Theory

    him having the slightest clue. Qubilah Shabazz, Malcolm X’s daughter, was soon found in court after her father’s death. Shabazz was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, and if convicted she would face up to 90 years in jail and fined about $2.2 million dollars. Shabazz has always believed that the new leader of Nation of Islam, Minister Louis Farrakhan, had ordered recruits from the Nation of Islam to assassinate her father. Her lover, Michael Fitzpatrick, at the time knew about her conspiracy theory, and decided to play on that, and frame her for conspiracy to commit murder. This was a huge deal, because they later found out that Shabazz’s lover was an FBI agent, which further proved that the FBI had an involvement with Malcolm X’s death. The government wanted to divert any attention leading to Malcolm X’s death, away from them, “Qubilah Shabazz has been framed in a murder-for-hire plot concocted by the FBI in an effort to divide the African American community, sabotage a massive march on Washington planned by the Nation of Islam, and further hamper the already embattled national Black political leadership” (John Dee). Even Farrakhan had made an open public statement saying that he wished that the charges against Shabazz would be dropped, which not only surprised her, but the whole community involved. Eventually, Shabazz accepted a plea deal, and the original charges on her were dropped, making her innocent. Similarly, the government, or specifically this time the CIA,…

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  • Malcolm X's Reframing Theory

    have on his people and how to approach the current social and economic struggles for African-Americans. This process was strategically planned and clear goals of equality were set. The goals and objectives were continuously improved through rethinking his strategy and the relationship between structure and environment. In addition, his focus was detailed and implemented using both internal and external experiments. Human Resources Malcolm X communicated a strong belief to the people and the…

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  • Analysis Of A Homemade Education By Malcolm X

    Malcolm X, a great man who inspired many people, was not always an educated man. He had his struggles and inspirations like many other people, but what he did to overcome his struggles, and his self-driven attitude, made him an inspiration to others. Plato was a great philosopher who used inspirational and elaborate methods to describe perseverance. In addition, Plato explains how to pursue difficult obstacles in life to achieve enlightenment. In order to overcome challenges in life, one must be…

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  • Malcolm Life In Prison Summary

    The autobiography of begins with the mother of Malcom Little is pregnant with him; around the time of his birth the Ku Klux Klan attacks the home of the Littles in hopes of killing Malcom’s father, a preacher and advocator of a movement to send African-Americans back to Africa. Moreover, as Malcom is born he turns to be the lightest of all the children and is allowed to follow his father to the meetings he’s part of, Universal Negro Improvement Association or UNIA; this is one of the earliest…

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  • The Negative Impacts Of Malcolm X And The Civil Rights Movement

    The African American population’s increasing struggle to earn equal rights in areas such as education, facilities, politics, and employment were extremely prominent during the 1950s and 60s. The use of publicity earned by civil right figures within their given organizations, specifically Martin Luther King Jr. (SCLC), Rosa Parks (NAACP), and Malcolm X with the Nation of Islam (NOI), created palpable tension between whites and blacks. Malcolm X and the NOI brought to the table what others civil…

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  • A Homemade Education By Malcolm X Analysis

    The article "A Homemade Education" by Malcolm X was about how he taught himself how to read and write while being incarcerated. While he was in prison, he would write letter to Mr. Elijah Muhammad, the founder of the Muslim sect Nation of Islam. While writing those letters to Mr. Elijah Muhammad Malcolm realized how bad his knowledge was. Being at the Charlestown Prison led him to meeting Bimbi. When Malcolm met Bimbi he was jealous of him, the jealousy towards Bimbi came from the knowledge he…

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  • Character Traits Of Malcolm X

    1.) -Malcolm Little: In his childhood, Malcolm was a very aspiring young man, who dreamt of being a lawyer, and knew that it took more than what he was doing in Lansing. He also had a very good understanding how racism worked, and how white people thought of blacks. • “ ‘Well yes sir, I’ve been thinking I’d like to be a lawyer.’” –P. 38 • “All I knew for certain was that a lawyer didn’t wash dishes, as I was doing.” -P. 38 • “I was smarter than nearly all those white kids. But apparently I was…

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  • The Power And Beauty Of The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

    The power and beauty of the Autobiography of Malcolm X is shown in the development of Malcolm throughout the course of the book, the bringing of the reader into Malcolm’s world, and the creation and expression of the person that is Malcolm X. The development of Malcolm X is shown through retrospective comments and life changing events. The reader is brought into Malcolm’s world through the creation of vivid scenery, full of emotion and atmosphere as well as insight into his thought process due…

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  • Louis Satchmo, Armstrong: The Life Of Louis Armstrong

    Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong “My whole life, my whole soul, my whole spirit is to blow that horn…” (Louis Armstrong). He possessed no formal teaching and yet he broke all barriers when it came to music. Louis Armstrong remains one of the most influential jazz musicians of all time. He not only revolutionized the sound of jazz with his embellished, improvisational solos and “scat” singing, but also his humble personality and charismatic presence won him the hearts of millions. Often known as…

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  • Contributions Of Louis Pasteur

    Louis Pasteur was born in Dole, France on December 27th in 1822. He was the son of Jean Pasteur and Jeanne-Etiennette Roqui. His father was a poorly educated tanner, who had high hopes for his son to excel in his education. * Pasteur gave a significant impact to the world of scientific research through his numerous contributions. Earlier in his life, Pasteur worked as a chemist, and dealt with the specific nature of tartaric acid. Tartaric acid is a type of acid that occurs naturally in many…

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