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  • Holes By Louis Sachar Summary

    The novel Holes by Louis Sachar is a comedy adventure fiction novel that tells the story of Stanley Yelnats in a third person point of view. The setting of this novel takes place in Camp Green Lake which is a juvenile detention center. Once at Camp Green Lake inmates are forced to dig holes through the day. The novel takes place in present day, but deals with a lot of flashbacks that happen through the novel. The main character in the novel is Stanley Yelnats, he is an overweight, shy, and awkward middle schooler who had only few friends. He was always teased for his size by his classmates and school bully. His family had a history of bad luck due to a curse that was placed on his family. Stanley even though having a bad childhood…

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  • Book Report Of Holes By Louis Sachar

    In the book holes, by Louis Sachar, Stanley Yelnats and his family are curse with bad because his great-great-grandfather and is sent to camp green lake for punishment, for a crime that he did not do. At this camp Stanley is forced to dig holes in the hot sun. Moving along in the story Stanley gets to know the other boys at the camp but he becomes great friends with one in particular. They become very close and they both run away from the camp. After they run away the set out to what they call…

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  • Assignment On Louis Sachar

    Year 9 Essay Task NAME: Evie Miller Due: Friday Week 6 Word Length: 600-1000 Your task is to write an essay on one of the topics below. You will need to plan your essay with using the essay planner on Comdata and your teacher will go over this with you. You may submit a draft but this must be submitted at least 1 week before submission of your final assignment. Remember to use evidence to back up your arguments! Questions: 1. Discuss how Louis Sachar uses differing time periods to tell the…

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  • The Theme Of Friendship In Holes By Louis Sachar's Holes

    story that represents an everlasting friendship is brought together by fate. Holes takes us through Stanley’s life as the kid who has always been in the wrong place at the wrong time. A story that ties together the importance of historical struggles and the benefits of our friendship, Louis Sachar’s Holes creates dynamic depth through the creative use of characters and theme to create and add heart…

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  • Louis Sachar Holes Analysis

    Title Holes - pg 1-79 Author Louis Sachar Text type a realistic fiction novel by an American author Date started December 13, 2017 Date completed December 13, 2017 Evidence Book has won John Newbery Medal Personal response The main theme is implied at the beginning of the novel to never give up. Throughout the story, the author uses the theme to create suspense in the story. The theme also helps understand how the characters are working and surviving all day long…

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  • Louis Sachar's Holes

    It is human nature for each of us to believe that we are the unluckiest person in the world. Some would argue, however, that Stanley Yelnats Ⅳ is even worse off. Although many readers and even Stanley himself seems to think that he is ill-fated and always in the wrong place at the wrong time, the entirety of Louis Sachar’s novel, Holes, says otherwise. In fact, everything that has happened to Stanley and his family in the past and throughout the present setting of the novel happened for a…

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  • Holes By Louis Sachar Analysis

    I chose the book Holes by Louis Sachar, a beloved American children’s novel and winner of the 1999 Newbery Medal. The story centers around an unlucky adolescent boy named Stanley Yelnats. He is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and is mistakenly arrested for stealing a pair of shoes although he is innocent. He is sent to the Camp Green Lake juvenile detention center where he is subjected to horrible conditions and forced to dig holes every day. The novel was an obvious choice for the…

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  • Holes By Louis Sachar: Character Analysis

    For every positive or negative action, there is an equal reaction. In the novel Holes by Louis Sachar, protagonist Stanley Yelnats undergoes an arduous journey brought about by the actions of his ancestors. Because of the karma of the Yelnats family, the Walker family, and Hector Zeroni, Stanley Yelnats IV fulfills his destiny of going to Camp Green Lake and bringing his family out of poverty. To begin, Stanley’s superstitious beliefs, fostered by his family’s stories of an alleged curse,…

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  • Holes Louis Sachar Character Analysis

    nothing inside that head’. The book Holes purposefully demonstrates Zero’s dynamic change in personality, how he is viewed by Stanley and how he develops. Holes, by Louis Sachar, is a wonderful story about Stanley Yelnats and his temporary life at Camp Green Lake, where everyone around him are not as they seem. One character that stands out in the story is Zero because he is portrayed as someone who doesn’t have as much knowledge as a normal boy with a regular education. However, it turns out…

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  • Holes Movie Reflection

    When choosing a film to write about, I selected the movie Holes since it was a movie very familiar to me and something I used to enjoy watching as a child. Holes, released in April 18, 2003, is a film written about a young boy, Stanley Yelnats IV, who was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, due to his bad luck and 100-year-old family curse. Having been falsely accused of stealing a famous baseball player’s cleats, Stanley was forced to go to court and instead of being sentenced to…

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