Essay about The Power And Beauty Of The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

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The power and beauty of the Autobiography of Malcolm X is shown in the development of Malcolm throughout the course of the book, the bringing of the reader into Malcolm’s world, and the creation and expression of the person that is Malcolm X. The development of Malcolm X is shown through retrospective comments and life changing events. The reader is brought into Malcolm’s world through the creation of vivid scenery, full of emotion and atmosphere as well as insight into his thought process due to the narrating style. The style of the book brings out the voice of Malcolm X as he writes the book and the content and descriptions show the voice of Malcolm Little as the events of the book unfold. A significant part of the book is how Malcolm develops over the course of his life, and what influenced him to change. This brings across the author’s purpose, which is to show how he became who he was and how the religion of Islam affected his life. His development in the book begins as a child, as he learns about the racial issues that surrounded his life and continued into his atheistic life as a hustler and his prison years where he learns about the religion of Islam and shifts focus from material wants to knowledge and intellectual prowess. This development is shown through the style of the writing and specific inclusion of certain content. There is also insight into future development through the addition of retrospective comments from Malcolm at the time that the book was…

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