Summary Of Malcolm X: A Life Of Reinvention

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Murun Gankhuyag
Professor Richard Kim
History 3017
June 10th, 2016 Malcolm X A life of Reinvention
Manning Marable wrote Malcolm X A life of Reinvention an incredible biography on the duration of the life of Malcolm X. Malcolm X played a very crucial role in African American history in the twentieth century. Malcolm X went through living a troubled life of crime to getting busted ending up in prison in order to find his passion in the religion of Nation of Islam. He traveled to many different countries to deepen his faith and expand on his political position. He made a difference throughout his life making great speeches and lectures for the Nation of Islam movement in the United States of America. His participation in the Nation of
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The text begins with the history of Malcolm X’s parents and how his father Earl Little Sr. left his home and first wife and children in Georgia to move to the north during the great migration in search for jobs and better opportunities. There was still a great number of African Americans being the victims of racist lynching in Georgia, almost as high as the lynching in Mississippi. During the great migration, the southern states still held onto white supremacist views and African American folks had little opportunities to advance in life. Thus, resulting in mass migration of African American people moving towards northern states in search for a better life. Earl Little Sr. ended up in Montreal, where he met Malcolm’s mother Louisa Langdon Norton. Louisa with her fair complexion could be mistaken for a white woman. Marable claims that Earl little Sr. and Louisa Langdon Norton fell in love. Both of Malcolm’s parents politically supported the Universal Negro Improvement Association and …show more content…
In prison, Malcolm got a letter from his half brother Philbert that would influence his life in a completely different way. Marable states that in the letter Philbert claimed that “he and other family members had all converted to Islam.” (Marable 75) Philbert told his brother that the Nation of Islam was a program to help black people and advised him to stop smoking and eating pork. Malcolm was confused but did follow his brother’s suggestions. Marable continues, “For Malcolm, the lure was more secular: Nation of Islam held out the possibility of finding self-respect and even dignity as a black man. This was a faith that said blacks had nothing for which to be ashamed or apologetic.” (Marable 78) Malcolm X knows that in the United States there is inequality for African Americans. Especially knowing what happened with Earl Little, Malcolm X has a moderate amount of hatred towards what happened and the people that did that to him were motivated by racism and bigotry. Throughout his whole life, he’s seen and experienced inequality first hand. Therefore, Marable states that learning more about the Nation of Islam give him a little bit of hope, and saw a way for African Americans to make sense of what was happening. Marable continues, “This was an era of evangelical Christianity, and social Darwinism, which promoted religious and scientific justification for white

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