Malcolm X Reflection

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Malcolm X’s significance have continued till today. He might have not been able to fully address his final ideology to his admirers and to the world, but he have been able to show the real meaning of being a human. People liked him regardless of his mistakes when he figures them out. Malcolm set a very good example of the human mind and soul development throughout the course of his life. He was also able to convince people with his beliefs regardless of their accuracy with his great charisma, when he discovers that most his beliefs were inaccurate he does not hesitate to let his followers know neglecting the danger associating with his confessions. The movie displayed a very accurate portrayal of Malcolm’s life, yet there was some minor inaccuracies …show more content…
He grew up in white people society where he was treated differently, when told by his teacher his dream jobs are not real goals for they are not realistic for black men , he dropped out of school couple of years later. Far long, he joined group of burglars who robbed white people. When captured, he was convinced by a man in prison to join The Nation of Islam “god is black” he said. When out he taught people the teachings of Elijah Mohamed who claimed to be the prophet of Allah. He believed that the white people are the devils regardless of their claims. He also said that the black should defend themselves when attacked and that staying non-violent at this point is not intelligent. When first awakened by his wife about the real Elijah Mohamed, he made some investigation and found out that Elijah Mohamed is the father of 8 children whose mothers are not his wives. He confronted Mr.Muhammed and the main response he received was “have built this Nation Malcolm Under the divine guidance of Allah He has brought me back from the dead to lead my people. After me, there will be no more, No more, l must plant my seed in fertile soil.”(Elijah Mohamed, Malcolm X film) This was not convincing to Malcolm and it also made Mr Mohamed stop trusting him. Elijah’s told Malcolm that the nation is trying to kill him. Malcolm was later killed while giving his a

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