Malcolm X Conspiracy Theory

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Conspiracy theories have become almost a big trend in American culture. Many of these conspiracy theories relate back to the American government, and usually not in a good way. One of the most well known conspiracies is the Malcolm X assassination. Malcolm X was a prominent civil rights figure during the 1950s and 1960s. He fought for equality amongst White Americans and African Americans, which was seen as a threat by many White Americans. Although many believe Malcolm X was killed by his own religious group, Malcolm X was indeed actually assassinated by the American government itself. Evidence that proves this derive from reports of the FBI closely watching him, forged reports of murders and suicides, and multiple threats leading to believe …show more content…
Not only did he receive death threats from White Americans, it was Black Americans too, the FBI, the CIA, and even the Nation of Islam. February 14th, 1965, Malcolm X’s home was fire bombed by the Nation of Islam. The home was owned by them, and the Nation of Islam were trying to evict him at the time. The firebomb was sent as a warning and a threat, for Malcolm X to stay away and cut all ties from the Nation of Islam. This piece of evidence is usually paired up with the argument that Nation of Islam really did assassinate Malcolm X, because they already tried to “kill” him once before with the firebomb. However, this cannot be the truth because of two very important things. The first being, that the director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, sent this uneasy telegram stating, “Do something about Malcolm X enough of this black violence in NY” (Hoover). Just as as others might think, “One wonders, what that "something" was” (CNN). The second vital piece of evidence that proves that the Nation of Islam was not guilty of killing Malcolm X, was the bullet wounds found in his chest. Again, conspiracy theorist Dick Gregory, in a radio interview questions, “When we got the autopsy, all the bullets in Malcolm were going down, which means the CIA didn’t trust those negroes enough to give them real bullets” (Gregory). This possibly meant that the CIA or FBI shot Malcolm X from a higher ground, like a balcony, and it was infact not the Nation of

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