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  • Ideology And The Social Class In Schools By Louis Althusser

    The concept of ideology seems to be a fundamental term in “Ideology and The Ideological State Apparatuses” of Louis Althusser who, taking a similar stand to that of Marx, reaffirmed the role played by ideologies in sustaining the role of the capitalist class in society through the dominant ideological apparatus that is the school. In this essay, in order to comprehend Althusser’s reasons on why the school playsvirus9v a salient role in perpetuating the “subjection to the ruling ideology” (133), one will first define ideology. An attempt will also be made in providing the description Althusser gave of the school and teachers in contemporary society and also in explaining the way interpellation manifest itself in the classroom setting. Ideologies…

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  • Louis Althusser Ideology

    In the excerpts from Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses, Louis Althusser aims to explain the reasons for why the cinematography has acquired its ideological nature in the first place. Although the scholar’s theories are applicable to multiple spheres of people’s activity excluding a film industry and seem way too old-fashioned, still, they promote one’s understanding of the issue discussed in the current research. In describing his concept of the State Apparatus, Louis Althusser argues…

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  • Althusser's Theory Of Ideology

    Essay I: Ideology, a term that we all know exists, but very few truly understand the essence that lies behind such a word. Many questions arise when one thinks of ideology such as, but not limited to, “What is ideology?” and “Where do individuals come to acquire their ideology, as in is it born into the genetics that make up who they are, or is it created through the experiences of their life?”. Louis Althusser was a 20th century French philosopher that devoted much of his life to the study of…

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  • Louis Althusser Social Structures Essay

    have an impact on the people that reside within them. Social structures help us define who we are in a society and how we function within that society. Elements such as race, class and gender help us determine what our role is within the social structure. Our behavior, decisions, and thoughts are all influenced by the social norms that we all follow. Within this binding, it is crucial for us to understand and be aware of our identity within the society that we live in. But who has the power to…

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  • Politics And Control In George Orwell's Shooting An Elephant

    In George Orwell’s “Shooting an Elephant,” the main character faces an internal struggle over right or wrong. Everyone, at some point or another, thinks “why am I doing this?” or “is this the correct decision?” Because we ask these questions of ourselves, this does not mean we necessarily have full control as interpreted by the French philosopher Louis Althusser. Ideological State Apparatuses such as law, religion, and politics are rife in "Shooting an Elephant" and George Orwell realizes that…

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  • Interpellation, Ideology And Ikea

    that shifts the problems produced by notions of consumerism and consumer capitalism into a discourse of choice, freedom and happiness. O 'Shaughnessy & Stadler argue that through “language, texts and representations” within genres, it is possible to expose “the values, beliefs and feelings” readers are offered through the use of genre that help them make sense of the world (2012, p. 180). A critical analysis will seek to explore the relationship between ideology and the discourse of consumerism…

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  • Ernesto Laclau: Poulantzas Debate Analysis

    4. Various Responses to Miliband-Poulantzas Debate 4.1. Ernesto Laclau: Methodological and Epistemological Problem Robin Blackburn (2014) described Ernesto Laclau as “the outstanding Argentinean political philosopher ... the author of landmark studies of Marxist theory and of populism as a political category and social movement. ... Used the work of Antonio Gramsci to reject what they saw as the reductionism and teleology of much Marxist theory... a ‘post-Marxist’ and an advocate of ‘radical…

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  • Anti-Feminist Criticism In Hills Like White Elephants

    The way in which a story is presented can either be what Kenneth Burke refers to as good art or bad art. Good art is that which conveys multiple meanings through the context; bad art is that which only holds one meaning that is simply understood the same way among all audience members. Hills Like White Elephants can be categorized as good art through the ways in which, depending on the reader, can lead to various interpretations and understandings. Through examination of the story and its…

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  • What Is Althusser's Marxist Theory Of Ideology?

    Established on Marx 's claim that a social formation has to be maintained by reproduction of the conditions of production, Althusser is dedicated to improving the “Marxist theory” of the State from the point of view of reproduction. He believes that the reproduction of the relations of production is mainly secured by the Ideological State Apparatuses (AIE). However, he finds that although Marx has made some discussions about ideology, he has never formulated a theory of it. Therefore, Althusser…

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  • Alhusser Dominant Social Class

    Karl Marx indicates that the positions, principles, standards, and ethics collectively shared by the majority of the people in any given society will be the methods of social control. The dominant social class, therefore controls how society thinks about their outlook and their place in humanity. Louie Althusser regards the State as a severely constricting apparatus, which is used by the dominant social class as a tool to repress and control the working class. Contrasting to the Repressive State…

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