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  • Anti-Feminist Criticism In Hills Like White Elephants

    and a baby. The American is dominant, male, and from a different society which causes him to have certain feelings toward each. Based on how the American acts, it could be understood that he does see abortion as much of anything while his dislike and desire for terminating the pregnancy as well as the baby can be interpreted as a loss of freedom and privilege in his life. This perspective is vastly different from the girl’s as indicated by her reactions. Through understanding the context the girl seems to have made a connection to nature which leads her to value her pregnancy and the baby. Also at the same time, due to this connection that she has made, her background has also influenced her to negatively think about abortion. Interpellation impacts this because it can lead readers to believe that all women must feel this way about each topic even if they personally feel a different way. How a reader feels about the each character also depends on the treatment of each throughout the story. The American, representing males in the situation, is seen as holding all power and control, which reinforces a patriarchal system. Depending on how a reader looks at the text through a feminist lens, the meanings can vary. One way to look at the plot would be through an anti-feminist lens as the girl is seen as powerless, weak, and dependent upon the American. This anti-feminist message can be seen through his treatment of her. He does his best to manipulate her into giving in…

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  • Interpellation, Ideology And Ikea

    “Consumers Are Almost Like People”: Interpellation, Ideology and IKEA In 1976, Ingvar Kamprad produced his manifesto, “The Testament of a Furniture Dealer”. The intention of the writing was to give instruction to his IKEA co-workers about how “to create a better everyday life for the many people” through the adoption “of [a] framework of ideas” designed to “be a beneficial influence on practically all markets” (1976, pp. 2-3). By adopting such an ideological position, IKEA has been able to…

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  • Louis Althusser Social Structures Essay

    Althusser addresses the perceptions of role play and the position of an individual within the society, and how our thoughts and actions are influenced by the social order that we live in. Philosopher Karl Marx brings to attention the question of value and worth of the commodities that we demand and how it affects labor. Both viewpoints are crucial in order for us to understand the foundation of the social structure that we are a part of. In Althusser’s Ideology and ISA’s, we are introduced to…

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  • Ideology And The Social Class In Schools By Louis Althusser

    ideology. An attempt will also be made in providing the description Althusser gave of the school and teachers in contemporary society and also in explaining the way interpellation manifest itself in the classroom setting. Ideologies…

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  • What Is Article 19 Of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights?

    The most common filter the censor board in India uses is that of “morality”. People argue for and against being on moral grounds without even understanding what is morality. Who defines morality? What is the measure scale through which we measure it? Who all are considered as immoral? If at all there is someone who has defined it and the society blindly accepts it, without thinking about it further. In most of the cases we all are simply blind about it. It comes along with the process of…

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  • Spring Fever Film Analysis

    The interpellation of the symbol of homosexuality in this film, the protagonist Alan, about his home address, company/organization and work address conducted by the policeman Xiao Shi, is actually an interpellation of the suspect who is regarded as infamously disrupting the social order. This scene, together with the following arrest, are quite direct metaphors of the Foucauldian notion of subjects in that juridical systems of power (represented by the policemen in the film) “produce the…

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  • Ideology And Repressed State Apparatus Analysis

    Mongolians, they wanted to take their revenge. The people from the Pashtun community were interpellated. They internalized the cultural values as their own and totally lost in touch with their self. Amir’s mother’s history books gave the entire history of the Hazaras, but usually names such as “load-carrying donkeys, mice-eating and flat-nosed” were the only things known about them. The people are interpellated from the day their born at society’s will. The interpellation causes suspicion of…

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  • Adrian Peterson Reaction Paper

    While to Adrian Peterson he does not perceive his actions as bad many see it as the exact opposite. Since there are two types of identity, personal and social, his personal identity may not have changed very much but with this his social identity most certainly has. His personal identity has most likely stayed the same due to the fact that he sees himself as a good person who has done nothing wrong. His social identity has almost definitely changed because he has done something against the…

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  • Four Concepts Of Ideology

    . 1. The four ideology functions are limitation, normalization, privileging, and interpellation. Our book states that Ideology “limits the range of acceptable ideas that a person may consider” which is like a group of people that believe what they believe and their regular interpretations of something or someone is biased or one-sided. When looking at normalization, this is a big one, because this is saying that when it comes to ideology many people will begin to normalize certain aspects of…

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  • Analysis Of Queer's Theory

    Queer theory has been largely developed by three women: Judith Butler, Gayle Rubin and Eve Sedgwick. Each author argues different viewpoints about a person’s gender, identity and sexuality. Their arguments explore the social and political frameworks through which society interprets sexuality and gender. Since the three arguments regard sexuality in society and politics, could their arguments be compatible with the Althusserian Marxist concepts, especially Marxist definition of ideology? Each of…

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