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  • Amberlight Essay Conclusion

    His name was Elias and he had been doing his math homework, he was in math 5. I asked him why he studied at Amberlight over the AB study lounge. He told me “It’s closer to my dorm and it’s still quieter than my dorm. Plus, it’s still a study lounge.” I learned that some people don’t really mind the loudness of the people who come down here. He still got his work down, so Amberlight is still an ideal place to study. The den part was his favorite place. He said he liked it because it was a more convenient and private place to study. Amberlight can still serve a as a good study…

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  • Narrative Essay On Being Loud

    going to the supermarket in Mexico where people are shouting “bring bread” or “I will go and get the vegetables” or some other directions. In the U.S. everyone mind their own business and shouting is not a common thing. I was very self-conscious of my loudness but my mom is not of hers. That’s why I knew it was not the time to disappear. When we are in the supermarket I have a tendency of getting lost for 5 minutes and then return with a bunch of products, it is a common thing for my mom to…

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  • Personal Narrative-Sacrifice Or Immigrant?

    It all started one morning I was getting up and going in the kitchen to get coffee. I heard a silent groan and I got scared. I went and checked what it was and I saw a man who looked like he got burnt. So I slowly went back in my room and woke up my husband Junior. When I woke him up he was confused on why I was so scared. That’s when he sat up and asked me what happened. I froze in a dead because I was too scared. Then I started stuttering because I was trying to explain it. “I I I saw a guy…

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  • Parkinson's Disease: A Case Study Summary

    Ramig, L. O., Sapir, S., Fox, C., & Countryman, S. (2001). Changes in vocal loudness following intensive voice treatment (LSVT®) in individuals with Parkinson 's disease: A comparison with untreated patients and normal age‐matched controls. Movement Disorders, 16(1), 79-83. Summary of the Research Study The research study addressed the efficacy of a voice treatment in improving the loudness of speech for people with Parkinson’s disease. For individuals with Parkinson’s disease it is common for…

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  • Essay On Vivaldi's Four Seasons

    the cold of winter takes over representing death. The intensity of the message was felt by all of the performers, especially Janine Jansen whose expressions were easily read during the concert. This connection was felt between all of the violinists, the cellists, and the harpsichord player. There was clear nonverbal communication between the number one violin and cello player and their ability to play in perfect unison was outstanding. Conclusion The interpretation of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons by…

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  • Resonant Voice Therapy Essay

    When using this loud speech, the patient improves respiratory support, articulation, facial expression and animation (Stemple, Roy and Klaben, 2014). The LSVT approach are important techniques for improving voice quality. How and Why Lee Silverman Voice Treatment is performed When using LSVT, the patient needs to follow 5 main concepts (Stemple, Roy and Klaben, 2014). According to Stemple, Roy and Klaben (2014), the first concept is to “think loud, think shout”, the second concept is “speech…

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  • Comparing Kinetic And Mechanical Waves

    move as sound waves pass by, in denser materials. Sound is slowed down by this. For example, if someone tapped on a steel pipe, the sounds would travel through the pipes at a speed of 5,200m/s. This is almost four times faster than the speed of sound in lead. Steel is both stiffer and less dense than lead, so the speed of sound in steel is greater than in lead. Frequency / Pitch The pitch is the degree of highness or lowness on a tone. It depends on the frequency of the sound wave. Loudness…

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  • What Are The Problems Of Church Music

    It is a loudness of musical instruments rather than a voice of singer/artist at the stage. In order to come across with one simple solution, let me take Ethiopian evangelical church broadly. I will address only the church music because it may be tough to solve this problem from the whole music of Ethiopia; as a result of different groups/organizations have their own policy and conditions, and church music is different from the other music’s institution. Anytime, peoples go either church or…

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  • Noise Induced Hearing Loss Essay

    Do you ever hear your ears ring? Are they ringing now? If your answer is yes to either of those questions, then maybe you should take another look at the intensity of the volumes around you on a regular basis. If your answer was no, then your ears are probably very healthy. However, If you want to stay healthy or you’re trying to preserve what little hearing you have left, you may want to read the rest of this paper. Most people, mainly teenagers, with hearing loss are unaware of the damage…

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  • Mozart Concert Review

    woodwinds by switching between each other. The second movement of the symphony has significantly slower tempo at andante, but with similar sound/loudness. The movement is played with a number of 6 beats per measure with a value of eight. The melody is mostly played by the woodwinds along with the strings joining in. The music of the second movement is very pleasant and calm to the ear. It fills the room with cheerful sound and enlightens your day overall. The third movement is very fast paced…

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