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  • Essay On Ethical Dilemmas In Social Work

    Choosing a professional within my chosen career field to complete this assignment, was not a challenge. I choose to interview one of my mother coworkers, mother works for the CAA, which is the Community Action Agency for Miami-Dade County. Her coworker works for the Lotus House in the city of Over town. I had the pleasure of meeting the interviewee at her workplace, which gave me a more realistic view of the profession I am entering, which is Social Work. Ms. Roshanda Knowles, is a Resource Coordinator for the Lotus House. She has been in the Social Work field since 2004 and she has her B.S in Psychology with an B.S.M in Social Work. Ms. Knowles, is a Certified Case Manager, CCM, for the state of Florida. She is also a Certified CAP, which means she can host addictions and substances classes for individuals with these issues. The type of clients Ms. Knowles work with on a regular basis is individuals with health issues, homelessness, high mental, physical and health issues and impairments. The tasks for her job is to basically provide services and resources to the population in which serve, which are the homeless and individuals with different mental and physical health issues. Ms. Knowles stated that she has to do case managing by always connecting guest to resources to prevent homelessness. In order to fulfill this role, she believes…

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  • Analysis Of Lotus Eaters

    Examining Tennyson’s Lotus Eaters the first thing that clearly stands apart is the two distinct narratives taking place within the text. There’s the stand alone narration of the tale of Odysseus and his men but in the Choric Song we are exposed to a direct account of the men’s experiences and personal emotions that derive from their exposure to the island. The first half of the narration’s structure appears on Tennyson’s part to be more concrete. It follows a rhyme scheme as well as the rules of…

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  • Comparison: The Lotus Lantern

    The traditional folklore Lotus Lantern, which created anonymously, was passed down orally since Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) for more than 700 years. The original name of that folklore was Prince Chenxiang Splits the Mountain Hua, which developed around several main characters—Shengmu, the Goddess from heaven, later married a mundane village doctor Liu Yanchang. They have a child afterwards, whose name is Chenxiang. Shengmu’s brother Er Langshen holds the opinion that it is highly banned for a…

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  • The Lotus Sutra's Incorrigible

    The Lotus Sutra is renowned for the virtues it promotes. The Buddhist values found within the text have attracted followers for centuries. Furthermore, the cultural importance of the text can be seen in literature such as Royal Tyler’s Japanese Tales. One tale in particular, entitled “Incorrigible,” serves as a reference for the importance of a virtuous life. For the most part, “Incorrigible” follows the protagonist, poet and calligrapher Toshiyuki, on his journey through the afterlife and back.…

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  • Charlie The Forgetful Lotus Essay

    Charlie: The Forgetful Lotus The Flaw of a Genius Charlie continued to get smarter, and throughout the first half of the story, the professors do not see any regression, halt, nor stalling with his intelligence. The more books he read, the more he learned. He picked things up really easily, and his mind reached new levels which are almost unattainable. His intellect is climbing the ladder of development at a very fast pace, leaving his emotion to be left alone at the bottom of the ladder,…

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  • Lotus Sutra Buddhism Analysis

    Both the Lotus Sutra and the Zen teachings of Master Lin-Chi are texts that define what it means to practice Buddhism. One would think two books over one doctrine would be very similar in their prescriptions, but this is not the case. The Lotus Sutra is presented as a discourse delivered by the Buddha towards the end of his life, featuring many sutras on processes to gain enlightenment. The Zen teachings feature Master Lin Chi and were writing in 810 to 866 AD, during the Tang Dynasty and focus…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Name

    Online, there is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) where one of the champions in the game is called Elise. She is a Spider Queen who gives up her innocence to maintain power and eternal youth. She is an enjoyable character, although not one of my favorites. One of my interests happens to be good looking cars. When I was traveling over the summer with my father and brother, we stopped at a lot of car shows in the mid west area. There happens to be a car called a Lotus Elise. It’s a two…

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  • Lotus Sutra Skillful Means

    examples of skillful means may seem unintuitive or contradictory. For instance, Vimalakirti’s lecturing seems to shame his fellow disciples rather than help them achieve enlightenment. On the other hand, the Lotus Sutra presents opposing ideas about skillful means such as the existence of lesser teachings despite having only one true Dharma. To better comprehend these inconsistencies, readers must consider the differences in how skillful means is used, as well as the relationships between the…

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  • Lotus Eaters Case Study

    Introduction What are the damages wrought by oil spills? The answer appears painfully simple however it affirms itself through argument less than through visceral photographs: pelicans suffocating in oil, masterpieces of oil laden water, people like surgeons in gloves and masks cleaning the shorelines. We may think that, as suggested by Tatjana Soli (2010) in The Lotus Eaters, “pictures [cannot] be accessories to the story within the frame; the best picture contained a whole war within one…

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  • Analysis Of Tennyson's Criticism In The Lotus Eaters

    telling the reader what to believe, Tennyson’s mission was to encourage discussion about Victorian social issues. Similarly, in his poem, The Lotus Eaters, Tennyson explores ideas about the unabashed use of opium, the Victorian obsession with progress, and industrial advancement. Opium maintained an unavoidable presence in Victorian society. As prevalent as Aspirin today, opium was the pain killer of choice for England in the 19th century. It was prescribed by doctors and given to children…

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