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  • Postmodernity In Oedipa's The Crying Of Lot 49

    In fact, Oedipa, the main character in The Crying of Lot 49, was trying to perceive and construct the world around a conspiracy, similar to how a television perceives the world in terms of image. Her actions fueled her desire to have the capacity to question and merge many aspects of the world together. Oedipa recognized that the world of The Crying of Lot 49 was fragmented. For example, she recognized in the novel that the world contained diverse groups of people that did not fit together. Some of these included: druggies, rock singers, lawyers, actors, Mafia, and the other century cultures. The novel clarifies that these groups weren’t bonded to the elements of this world. Oedipa recognized that the society had no bond; and, therefore, she tried to place these elements into a bond through structure. Her dream was to create “constellations”. The constellations metaphor addressed how Thomas Pynchon might believe humans impose order on something…

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  • Who Is The Demon In Thomas Pynchon's Crying Of Lot 49

    The Demon in Thomas Pynchon’s Crying of Lot 49 has the complex role of addressing the ideas of information, interpretation, and existence. The Demon is the functional aspect of the Nefastis machine which endlessly sorts molecules in the hopes of creating order and energy without the use of work. This process parallels Oedipa’s journey towards finding the Trystero, as she too faces the struggle of collecting information, and the problem of how to interpret the information she collects. Not only…

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  • Poem Analysis: Begin At Home

    Thesis: My thesis started as: Sarah’s laughter is the only reasonable response to Yahweh. After wrestling with the scripture and current events my new thesis is: Sarah’s laughter thrust her out of the tent and into the center of God’s promise for descendants. Straight white males in power need to consider this birth narrative, listen to the laughter of others, and move out of the center of the story. Begin at Home: As a clown I deal in the business of laughter. I have worked professionally…

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  • Are You Your Brother's Keeper Research Paper

    Subject: Are You Your Brother’s Keeper? Genesis 11:26-32 11: 26-32 Tarah was seventy years old and he had three sons, Abram, Nahor, and Haran. Haran was the father of Lot, Milcah, and Iscah. Haran dies in the land of Ur of the Chaldees. Abram married Sarai and Nahor married Milcah his brother Haran's daughter. The family left Ur and traveled Northwest along the Euphrates River Valley to Haran and then southwest toward Canaan this was the trade route to missing the Arabian Dessert which was…

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  • Lack Of Hospitality In Homer's Odyssey

    Two of the most influential ancient works, the Bible and the Odyssey, are saturated with tales of hospitality and the awesome displays of power in punishing those who don’t welcome and accept their guests generously and willingly. As our methods of travel become faster and less personal, it becomes clear that hospitality does not hold the same spot in our contemporary society as it did in the worlds of Abraham, Lot and Odysseus. However, few things remain as heartwarming as being greeted by a…

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  • Abraham Character Analysis

    (Genesis, CH. 12 V. 16) Abraham could have known that his actions would have had a positive effect on the Pharaoh, so that is why he gave his wife to him knowing that Abraham would get goods in return. Also, Abraham could have known that God would scare the Pharaoh into letting them both go. This gave Abraham the perfect opportunity to try and get as much livestock and necessities that he would need for his trip through the desert. This is not the last time that Abraham has had the Lord’s help…

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  • Creating Customer Experience

    The purpose of this project is to create customer experience map and make recommendations. A customer service map is a diagram of the steps a customer takes while engaging with a company. The company we chose to evaluate is a well-known cell phone service provider known as Sprint. While evaluating many different touch points of our interaction with Sprint we had many thoughts and different emotions. The beginning of any customer journey starts in the parking lot. Fortunately the parking lot of…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tropical Park

    Tropical Park was developed in 1979, on site of what used to be a former horse track. The park attracts roughly 1,500,000 visitors every year. The park has a vast amount of activities, from common sports such as baseball, basketball, and football to more complex activities such as corporate team building, fishing, racquetball to name a few. To host all these activities, the park offers numerous amenities from basic sporting fields, to concession buildings, equestrian center, boxing facility, dog…

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  • Drunk Driving Monologue

    As Louise drove down Mountaineer Boulevard, she was nervous about going to court again, being unsure which would upset her more, listening to her husband’s yelling about her drinking or Judge Lucas’s lectures. When she pulled into the parking lot, she glanced at Mike sitting in his car. Opening the car door, she noticed the look of disappointment on his face as she sat in the front seat and fastened the seatbelt. Without acknowledging her, he backed out of the parking space without saying a…

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  • Parking Lot Research Paper

    Dangers of Wal-Mart Parking lot Nothing is more dangerous than a Wal-Mart parking lot. There are plenty of things and ideas that take place, but, can often be dangerous. From marking my observation I see the lighting in the parking lot at night is much darker than need be. There are no speed bumps and wreck less drivers. Shopping carts are everywhere and people just run amuck. Most parking lots are dangerous, but the more business the more people. Most people think you need to be a certain…

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