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  • Paintings In The Bible: Abraham And Isaac

    Renaissance-era piece. Without looking at the title or artist’s statement, I knew it was of Abraham sacrificing Isaac. It had the iconic look of one of the most infamous stories from the Bible. So, with that memorable moment and painting in mind, I went to ARTstor through the Hale Library. ‘Abraham and Isaac’ were the key words I used but there were too many paintings.…

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  • Isaac Newton Achievements

    Sir Isaac Newton, does the name sound familiar? That’s because he discovered gravity by an apple falling on his head from a tree. He didn’t discover the law of gravity right then and there, but it was this experience that helped set the course for the rest of his life. Sir Isaac Newton’s life was a combination of childhood tragedies, educational struggles, and many achievements. So let’s go back to where it all started when he was born. Sir Isaac Newton was born on December 25, 1642 (January…

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  • Isaac Newton Biography

    To this day, Sir Isaac Newton is remembered as one of the greatest minds of, not only the 17th century, but to ever walk this Earth. His intuition ranged from the subjects of physics and mathematics. From his laws of motion to his law of conservation of momentum, he truly revolutionized the science of his day. He is responsible for publishing one of the most acclaimed works known to science. He was remembered for all the amazing things that he was able to accomplish, but there were some cowardly…

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  • Essay On Isaac Newton

    Isaac Newton was a physicist, philosopher, mathematician, a scientist, and also an astronomer. He is one of the most famous scientist in history, he is most famous for his law of gravitation. Isaac was one of the scientist that played a huge role in the scientific revolution in the 17th century. Newton came up with many ideas such as the principles of modern physics, law of gravitation, calculus, and optic motions. Isaac 's childhood wasn’t all that great before he came up with all these ideas.…

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  • Isaac Newton's Accomplishments

    He made an incredible impact during the Scientific Revolution, and changed the world that we live in today. But, of course, Newton actually knew how important he was to the world. “In his later life, when asked for an assessment of his achievements, he replied, ‘I do not know what I may appear to the world; but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself now and then in finding a smoother pebble or prettier shell than the ordinary, while the great…

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  • Isaac Newton's Second Law Of Motion

    Sir Isaac Newton was born on December 25th, 1642. As Newton grew up he was recognized as a very knowledgeable physicist, mathematician, author and astronomer. He excelled in both math and physics and has been developing theories since his early twenties. Isaac Newton attended a grammar school in Grantham near Lincolnshire, where as during this time Newton became very interested with chemicals. In 1664 Newton at that time was a student, he read up on work containing optics and light. He was…

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  • Isaac C. Parker: The Legend Of The Hanging Judge

    a familiar name when research brought me to Judge Isaac Parker. Remembered today as the “Hanging Judge”, Isaac C. Parker had an impressive thirty-five year career in public service. He became a frontier attorney, later served as a city attorney, state judge, a two year term representative to Congress, and his most notable legacy as a federal district judge in Fort Smith, Arkansas for twenty-one years. Isaac Charles Parker was born October 15, 1838 to Joseph and Jane Parker. He was born and…

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  • Isaac Newton's Three Laws Of Motion

    Isaac Newton was born in Woolsthorpe, England on January 4th, 1643. He was born extremely premature and wasn’t expected to live, but he did and lived to make many amazing scientific and mathematical discoveries. Isaac Newton is known worldwide for many famous discoveries. He was an extremely intelligent man. Some of the most famous of his discoveries included discovering lots of information in optics, motion, mathematics, and a ton of laws and rules for physics that we use almost everyday today.…

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  • Isaac Newton's Corpuscular Theory Of Motion

    When people think of Isaac Newton and the contributions he made to science they usually think of his law of gravitation, but there is so much more. He came up with the three laws of motion, theory of light, and the universal law of gravitation. Newton transformed the history of science. In the first three years when Newton was at Cambridge, he, like everybody else, was taught the standard curriculum, but he was more interested in the advanced science. (Isaac Newton, 1) One of his very first…

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  • The Scientific Revolution: The Contributions Of Isaac Newton

    Born the 4th of January 1643, Isaac Newton became a revolutionary scientist who made discoveries in physics, mathematics, alchemy, and a variety of other subjects. Because he lived during the 17th century Newton was a major part of the Scientific Revolution; a time of scientific acceleration and learning. It was started by a Protestant Revolution that sparked interest in both religious and scientific thought (PBS, 2016). People were looking at the world through a scientific lens because they…

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