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  • Three Moral Relativism: The Consequences Of Ethical Beliefs

    approves something that is “good”. However, there are some contradictions that go along with this theory. Firstly, God may command us to do something when it is not permissible to. For example, God commanded Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. Abraham was therefore protected, but Isaac was put into the deathly situation. Another contradiction would be if we discovered God doesn’t exist. We would still consider some laws that were brought to our attention when we believed there was a God to be true, for…

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  • The Importance Of Space In The City Of Jerusalem

    The city of Jerusalem is a religious and holy space to many who live there or simply visit, but what about Jerusalem makes religious or holy in the first place? There are buildings with an empty meaning until it is labeled, buildings with an unacknowledged history that can or cannot be proven, and people confused with their purpose in life. Jerusalem has carried many of these characterizations and factors and yet no one truly understood how the religious and holy space was formed in the city.…

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  • Paul's Epistles Analysis

    Christians today understand the New Testament as a central part of their religion. Many of the writings, besides the Gospels, are attributed to Paul. Romans, one of Paul’s epistles, stands out because of its length, detail and writing style. The letter to Romans outlines Paul’s personal theology and details the nature of God’s love and justification. While Paul highlights several points about a myriad of topics, in Romans 8:31-39, he focuses on the cornerstone of his faith. As Paul explains, the…

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  • Name Of Fallacy Ad Hominem Analysis

    1. A. Name Of Fallacy: Ad Hominem B. Fallacy: “[Alger] murmur at the garbage remaining defenders, illiterate who stupidify academics. Often, they live in an alternate reality, making them the last ones to truly learn. C. Explanation: Ad Hominem deals with the association of a person and not of a text, which is what the quotation is exactly doing. In the quotation, the author directly attacks the people in question by being abusive in their name calling and condescending their intelligence. The…

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  • Sherlock Holmes Influence

    detective of the world. Many writers of the later centuries were greatly influenced by Doyle. Isaac Asimov, the popular American mastermind, is one of those writers, who were attracted by Doyle. Though he once told that he was not a true enthusiast of Holmes, there are many examples in his Baley novels to show the influence of Holmes. Asimov travels in the same path created by Doyle. Keywords: Arthur Conan Doyle, Isaac Asimov, Sherlock Holmes’s Influence, Social…

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  • Robert Boyle Contribution

    Robert Boyle, a seventeenth-century Anglo-Irish scholar and one of the most well-known scientists in history, was instrumental in the establishment of the natural sciences as concrete fields of inquiry rather than simply philosophical studies. His emphasis on the scientific method set a precedent that has allowed thousands of later discoveries to be scientifically tested and confirmed, allowing the human knowledge base to be greatly expanded. In addition to all of this, his work with gases and…

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  • Summary Of Triangle The Fire That Changed America

    Triangle Shirtwaist factory on March 25, 1911, and its aftermath. In the earlier part of nineteenth-century, New York City saw Triangle Shirtwaist factory running a lucrative business in a multi-story building. The factory was owned by two businessmen Isaac Harris and Max Blank who decided to set it up on the upper three stories of the Asch Building; which was considered and projected as…

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  • Falling Egg Research Paper

    Eggs are the most fragile thing you can find, one drop and they will break. What can we do to protect the egg from breaking when it falls? First, there are many factors that affect the egg when it falls. The factors are momentum, air resistance, pressure, gravity, and angular momentum. The first factor is Momentum; it is the product of the mass and velocity of an object. “P” is the 3D vector stating the object’s momentum in 3 directions of 3D space. Where “V” is the 3D velocity vector giving the…

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  • Utopia Depicted In Voltaire's Candide

    gotten from it, but overall that is not what matters. In addition, Candide now views optimism as deceitful. “It is significant that it is after Candide has passed through the utopia of Eldorado that he can at last reject the philosophy of optimism” (Isaacs). With this change of mentality, El Dorado is viewed as a misfit, proving that the world isn’t perfect without Cunegonde. Staying in El Dorado would mean escaping the evils of the real world, but to Candide, that is not worth it if he has to…

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  • Tap Water Experiment

    As stated originally, our hypothesis for the laboratory experiment was that there is an inverse relationship between the percent abundance of tap water in a mixture and the size (diameter) (cm) of the bubbles produced from the respective mixture. However, our experimental process yielded just the opposite results- a direct relationship between the percent abundance of tap water in a mixture and the size (diameter) (cm) of the bubbles produced from the respective mixture- meaning that when there…

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