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  • The Influence Of Isaiah

    Introduction Isaiah, son of Amoz, was a prophet of Yahweh whose revelations to the nation of Judah are accepted as part of the biblical canon in the Old Testament. Isaiah was both a husband, and a father of at least two sons; Shear-Jashub and Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz (Isaiah 8:3-4). Isaiah was commissioned by the Lord and served Yahweh faithfully as a prophet from approximately 740 B.C.- 700 B.C. Isaiah’s ministry officially began after his vision of the Throne Room of God in Isaiah 6, towards the end of Uzziah’s reign. Here, he witnesses two Seraphim shouting praises unto The Lord. Isaiah realizes that he is in the presence of Yahweh, and he is ruined, not only because of his own iniquities and “unclean lips”, but also the iniquities and “unclean lips” of Judah. After one of the Seraphim places a burning coal on the lips of Isaiah and informs him that his iniquities…

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  • Isaiah Chapter 36-39 Analysis

    Introduction & Main Theme The historical interlude, Isaiah chapters 36-39, surrounds the military might of two parties: Hezekiah, king of Judah and the Assyria king Sennacherib. The Assyrian king sends his messengers to Hezekiah to frighten him to distance himself from God and to rely upon Assyria. Isaiah is called in to prophesize to Hezekiah. God gives him signs. Sennacherib ends up dying. Hezekiah also suffered from an illness, which he recovered in his health by God. Ironically, he…

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  • Isaiah 53 Analysis

    The passage of Isaiah 53 (4-8), for many centuries has been summed up as a poetic song in which the prophet Isaiah depicted the climatic period of world history in which the coming Messiah will arrive. In today’s culture this view is again reoriented in that many Christians alone see this passage to be a prophecy of the ministry in which Jesus Christ will walk. When looking into the passage, Christians see the ‘servant’ as Jesus, and his suffering for our sins, and the sacrifice he made for us.…

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  • Book Of Isaiah Essay

    According to Harris’ Exploring the Bible, “...the Book of Isaiah represents and incorporates the three principal themes or concerns of Israel’s prophets: warnings of divine judgement, promises of forgiveness and reconciliation, and responsibilities of restoration” (163). However, what sets the book of Isaiah apart from the other prophet books is that it is actually compiled of three different prophets. These three prophets correspond with different periods of Judean history which take place…

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  • Exegetical Essay On Isaiah 1-2

    Week #13 Reading Response Question 1: What did I learn about the nature and activity of God? In Isaiah 1:18-20 God sees the sins of the people of Israel and they are scarlet colour, but He promises to make them white as snow I 'd the will only obey Him. He will even feed them. However God tells Israel if they don 't listen to Him, they will be devoured by their enemies. God was revealing the need for Israel to rely upon Him. He was demonstrating that they need to depend on Him or be vanquished…

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  • Isaiah 7: 1-25 In Which Isaiah Reassures King Isaiah

    The passage of Isaiah 7:1-25 in which Isaiah reassures king Ahaz that the plot against Judah will not stand because God is on his side. For this reason, the Lord gives Ahaz a sign about the baby named Immanuel. I disagree with Carvalho that the woman and her child were just a literary device to mark time in the oracle. I believe that this passage predicts the birth of Jesus Christ. In the next few paragraphs I will explain the reasons why I am making this statement and I am also going to back…

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  • The Assyrian Crisis: The Fall Of The Northern Kingdom

    The three key crisis of Israel that the prophetic literature reacts to are the Assyrian, Babylonia, and the Restoration Crisis. The Assyrian Crisis: The fall of the Northern Kingdom. This era consisted of the following factors that involve Assyria’s expansion into the region of Israel and Judah. This increase led to a complex series of alliances between the various kingdoms involved, as well as fighting-Syria Ephraimitic war. The war was Assyria attempts to expand, Syria and Israel allies for…

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  • An Undertaker's Ministry Report

    Quite an Undertaking In over thirty-seven years of full time rural parish ministry, I have prepared in access of twenty funerals per year which add up to a lot of hours spent with grieving families. A dear friend told me that the name Grahme is related to the German word “grimace” or one acquainted with grief. In the “Suffering Servant” passage, Isaiah records Jesus as “a man of sorrows and familiar with suffering” (Isaiah 53: 3). Jesus described his own ministry, quoting from Isaiah, as one…

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  • Isaiah Tute Obituary Analysis

    Isaiah Tute, ladies’ man, video game addict, and music lover passed away peacefully of natural causes surrounding my family and friends the evening of June 19, 2093. Isaiah was 102 years old. Isaiah was born in Bronx, New York on March 18, 1993. He was the only child of Frank Tute, Jr and LaDeana Harris. He was active until the last days of his life. He lived life to the fullest and blessed to be on this earth for 100 years. At the beginning of Isaiah’s life he was a fighter, being born…

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  • The Typological Significance Of The Lamb In Exodus 12: 8-11?

    rightful heir, this refers to Jesus’ throne as he seats at the right side of the Father and permits his children to seat with him and rule forever and ever. 4. David is promised to be a Son and to have God as his Father. This also foreshadows the coming of Christ with reconciliation for men with the Father through a process of adoption. Section 4: Long Essay (15 pts.) Please respond to this question in 350-500 words. 1. Summarize the prophecy of Isaiah concerning the Servant found in…

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