Isaiah 53 Analysis

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The passage of Isaiah 53 (4-8), for many centuries has been summed up as a poetic song in which the prophet Isaiah depicted the climatic period of world history in which the coming Messiah will arrive. In today’s culture this view is again reoriented in that many Christians alone see this passage to be a prophecy of the ministry in which Jesus Christ will walk. When looking into the passage, Christians see the ‘servant’ as Jesus, and his suffering for our sins, and the sacrifice he made for us. However like many passages throughout the bible, the interpretation in which it is understood is dependent on the perspective in which it is looked from. When breaking down these four verses, the perspectives that arrive are the time it was written at, …show more content…
This provides a differing perspective to that of Israel and begun throughout the book of Acts. The scene depicts God commanding Phillip to approach an Ethiopian Eunuch who is reading the passage of Isaiah 53. The eunuch asks to understand the concept of the passage, in which Phillip responds by explaining the teachings of Jesus, and the how it spoke of the coming Messiah.

Overall in the context of ‘us’ throughout the passage can sometimes be mistranslated, but nevertheless points towards the suffering servant who we see as Jesus. This is evidently seen in the early Rabbis who saw this passage as referring to an individual and that individual being the Messiah. This concept is easily grasped throughout todays culture due to the new covenant and the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins. As well as this the verses depicted in this passage strongly connect with the suffering in which Jesus endured. The ideas throughout these verses such as pierced, crushed and wounded all match and describe the suffering Jesus endured. When reading from this perspective the suffering servant is bringing healing to our wounds of sin. Throughout his sufferings he did not protest, and he was silent like a lamb to his death. This new testament revelation of the reading provides us with the idea of living in his
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Both Jesus, and Brother Yun serve as inspirations throughout my life. When struggling in my Christian walk, Isaiah 53 forms both a impacting yet encouraging passage to me. No matter what trial I face, I can reflect on this passage and understand that my Lord has already taken the punishment for me. In a world being flooded with bad news, these verses form an essence of hope, that no matter what Jesus has won it all. Substantially Isaiah 53 forms for me a reminder of his overwhelming love, an unconditional love that I truly don’t

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