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  • The Culture Of Pakistan Essay

    been a country since 1947, the history in the area goes back thousands of years. A lot of the culture in Pakistan has been based off that history, and has some diversity due to that history. Understanding the culture of a country helps the military associate with the people in that country and builds good public relations. Political and Military: Pakistan’s government is a parliamentary democracy with an elected Prime Minister, who is the head of government and a President, who is the head of state. Along with them, there is a council of advisors that consists of the Senate and the National Assembly who are also elected officials with seats appointed depending on the four providences, the federally administered tribal area as well as the Islamabad Capital Territory, based on population. Although the vast majority of the members are Muslim, about 5 percent of the seats are reserved for minorities, including Christians, Hindus, and Sikhs. (Blood, 1994) There are five branches of the Pakistani military that consists of the Army, Navy Air Force, Civil Armed Forces, and the National Guard. There have been four military coups since Pakistan became a country. They were in 1955, 1969, 1977, and 1999. The coup in 1999 consisted of General Musharraf overthrowing the Prime Minister. A few years after the coup the General, got himself appointed as president and held the position until 2008. When it comes to countries, military it is imperative for are military to understand what they…

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  • Business Analysis: Marriott Hotel

    Introduction As the name suggests, the Grosvenor Marriott Hotel is owned and managed by Marriott International, Inc., a global leading company in the hospitality industry (Tashmuratov, 2010; Marriott International, 2015). According to Tashmuratov (2010), Marriott International was founded by in 1927 by J. Willard and Alice Marriott, and has its headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland in the US (Marriott International, 2015). The company operates more than 4, 000 properties across at least over 75…

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  • The Importance Of Service Profit Chain In Management

    Importance of Service Profit Chain in Management Service profit chain is the essential idea in business management that connects the employee’s fulfillment, customer loyalty, and the financial gains (James & Heskett, 1997). Some of the human resource elements in the surface profit chain are internal service quality, employee satisfaction, employee retention, and productivity. Most of the hotels use the concept of the profit chain to succeed in their management. For example, the Marriott Hotel…

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  • Case Study Burger Paints

    paint on automotive, Malaysia for road coats, UK for powder coverings, for bumper paints Japanese company. First local manufacturing facility was established in Karachi in 1955.In 2006 state of the art manufacturing facility was built in Lahore. Berger paints headquarter is also in the same city of Lahore. Always working very hard for the improved and superior quality of paint Berger is a well reputable brand. They have regional offices in cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad,…

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  • Kraft Market Entry Strategy

    (2015), the company’s products have meet Quality Food Safety and Environment Standards as well as manufactured under strict CGMP and hygiene controls. Mehran Bottlers has well trained people with full experience in the technical side (MBL, 2015). Therefore, 50%(Kraft), 50%( Mehran Bottlers) JV is recommended. Kraft is recommended to provide capital, whereas Mehran Bottlers provides technology. Hence, both Kraft and Mehran Bottlers have equal control and cash flow. The place that is chosen…

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  • Disintegration Of Joint Family In Pakistan Case Study

    socio-economic factors in disintegration of joint family system. 3. To analyse preference of both genders in adaptation of nuclear family system. 1.3 Description of research site Rawalakot is a city in Azad kashmir, and is the capital of Poonch District (AJK).It is in a Saucer-shaped valley.The altitude of this beautiful saucer-shaped valley is 1615 meters (5300ft).It is 70 kilometres (47 miles) from Kohala and 35 kilometrs (23 miles) from Azad patan.It is also linked with Rawalpindi/Islamabad…

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  • Peer Mentorship Experience

    Out of the numerous experiences that have shaped my life, from intense political conversations to helping out the high school freshmen for my Peer Mentorship class, I feel the most influential experience in my life is when I began interning at a law clinic. Not only because it helped me determine my career path for my future, but also because it solidified my passion for wanting to help people, especially immigrants/asylum seekers who come from impoverished backgrounds or unfortunate…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of Marriott And Pearl Diamond Industry

    management: they can its CRM by providing many incentives for its customers. • Alliance with shipping and airline corporations: ISH has a great opportunity available by forming alliance with airlines as this will increase the revenue and tourism will also boost up. 4.4 THREATS: • Declining economic conditions: the present economic conditions are not good for the hotel industry and not just Serena but all of the hotels are keeping this threat in mind as tourism has declined in Pakistan…

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  • Effects Of Street Children Essay

    50% of the children had attended a school in the past, except for in Islamabad where 63.2% of the children had attended school. INCOME The average weekly income for both children working and living on the streets is more than PKR 800 which adds up to around PKR 3,000- 4,000 a month. HEALTH According to statistics it was learnt that children spend less than 20% of their income on health except for those in Islamabad and Quetta who spend more than 30% on health and hygiene products. Moreover, the…

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  • Bhutto Family Analysis

    August 19, 2011, Bhutto family landed in the country of North America, Canada during night of summer. The family of six moved from Islamabad, Pakistan by air with hopes of better lifestyle of the family. Tanzeela and Suhail Bhutto arrived here with their three sons and one daughter. The family already knew a lot about Canada’s lifestyle as Tanzeela’s siblings had already been living in Canada for long period of time and the family had visited Canada several times before permanently staying in…

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