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  • Origin Of Tattooing Essay

    Tattoos of all kinds are seen on the bodies of most of these young people. The Samoan tatau (or pe’a), is the term for ‘tattoos’. The Samoan traditional tatau worn by men begins from the waist and extends below the knee cap, while the malu, “tattoo,” worn by females extends from the top of the thigh down below the knee. These are the traditional adornments by which the tatau and malu are supposed to be worn and the older Samoan people who grew up with the traditions tend to have differing views to those of the younger New Zealand born generation. The latter tend to call all sorts of inscriptions on their bodies tatau regardless of whether they appear on the arms, on the wrists or on the back to name some of the imprinted body…

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  • The Success And Risks Of Logistics In New Zealand

    exporting goods are two separate factors that can also determine how successful that country will be in earning revenue. New Zealand is an island located in the Pacific Ocean off of the eastern coast of Australia. Being an island, they have to rely on a well-functioning logistics system in order to help them move products to and from the island profitably. New Zealand…

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  • Maori People Research Paper

    and bait whenever he was fishing. Annoyed, Kupe tried to kill it, but all the chasing had come to a named island, by his wife, called Aotearoa (the long white cloud). After destroying the octopus, Kupe and his whanau explored Aotearoa, came back to his homeland to tell all his mates, and then returned to Aotearoa to emigrate there with all his Maori friends. This inquiry will help me to look at two push factors and two pull factors that may have affected my ancestor and all the Maori people who…

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  • Effects Of Ecotourism In New Zealand

    This bibliography was constructed with the aim to provide the appropriate information on the different types of way that humans affect wildlife in New Zealand. Most of the research papers are case studies of the ways that humans influence ecotourism and affect the wildlife in a negative way. Another idea that a lot of the papers hit on is the increasing amount of ecotourism and how it is causing an increased effect to the ecosystem over time. A similarity and reason I chose all these papers…

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  • Tapo Volcanic Zone Essay

    Taupo Volcanic Zone The Taupo Volcanic Zone is a highly active volcanic region situated in the central part of the North Island in New Zealand. The Taupo Volcanic Zone (TVZ) stretches from Ohakune in the south of the Bay of Plenty to White Island in the north. It is estimated that the Earth’s crust below the Taupo Volcanic Zone may possibly be as small as 16 kilometers think and currently moves approximately 8mm per year. The TVZ is named after Lake Taupo, the caldera of the formaly largest…

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  • Assignment 1 Task 1

    is located in the North Island of New Zealand. The main objectives of my clinical setting are to provide patient-centered care, promote health and well-being of the patient and to provide support to the family/whanau as well (Registered Nurse [RN], personal communication, February 10, 2016). Primary health care services deliver a wide range of health services which include treatment, health education, counseling, screening services and prevention of diseases (Ministry of health [MOH], 2014). The…

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  • Mari Tribe Case Study

    Social Studies Maori tribal village Life Charlize: Before 1840 when the Maori tribes signed the treaty and before the Europeans discovered New Zealand, Maori people lived in tribal villages where they brought up their kids, hunted with their Kurī dogs, fought wars, and grew crops. The Maori tribes’ way of life was traditional and passed down through many generations… Dana: Despite their seemingly happy life, some were more benefited than others. The tribe chief was the highest rank and…

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  • Restorative Justice System

    Thesis There are alternatives to achieve justice rather than by retributive means, the island nation of New Zealand has been practicing restorative justice for nearly thirty years. This European dominated culture believes in giving first time offenders a second chance; in many cases, the future of youth offenders is taken into consideration. Introduction This paper is an analysis of the mission goals of the restorative justice system practiced in New Zealand. Furthermore, this…

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  • My Life Application Essay Sample

    I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, on 13 April 1967. My father was a Christchurch businessman, and my mother was from a farm roughly 30 miles from the city. Both sides of the family had immigrated to New Zealand from the UK and Ireland in the mid 1800s. During my early childhood I spent a great deal of time on the farm, and only wanted to grow up to be a farmer. My family moved away from Christchurch in 1970 to the deep south of New Zealand’s South Island. Invercargill is a small city…

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  • Variety Of Government Essay

    today; therefore knowledge of history is imperative to make sense of how a government functions today. For starters, the United States is a democracy, while New Zealand is a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarchy. The United States practices federalism where the power is divided amongst the central and state governments. New Zealand, on the other hand, is a unitary…

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