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  • The Importance Of Male Mates

    Male preference in choosing a potential mate is important knowledge for people trying to find a male mate. Research conducted by the University of Konkuk department of economics member Kitae Sohn indicates that the age of the potential mate plays a significant role in males’ preference, stating that men seek out younger mates. Claiming that the reason behind this is that men seek young women because they are fertile. Kitae Sohn explains reasoning behind this with results of the study in the article “Men 's revealed preference for their mates ' ages,” (2016) found in The Official Journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society. The author notes the findings that men prefer younger mates through an unusual marriage phenomenon in South Korea in which men purchase their brides from underdeveloped countries. Sohn then compares the results to what has been found in marriages in South Korea between 2010 and 2014. The strange marriage phenomenon is used for the study of male preference because it eliminates any restriction women may have in finding a potential mate because they have no freedom to say yes or no. After analyzing the findings of Sohn I agree with the theory that has been developed, but don’t entirely agree with it because it leaves out homosexual couples. In today’s world, homosexual couples, as well as marriages, are becoming more acceptable and they need to be taken into consideration. These findings may be completely accurate for men seeking female mates, but…

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  • Essay On Sexual Reproduction

    The main purpose in life is to reproduce offspring that will carry on your history after you pass away. Reproduction occurs when a male and female get intimate with each other. The only way that could happen is if they really prefer each other. Preferences for sexual reproduction started with Darwin when he proposed “sexual selection” rather than natural selection (Buss and Barnes, 1986). This occurred when Darwin saw an evolutionary change in peacocks that was not for survival, but to attract…

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  • Do It Yourself Primatology Essay

    For my Do-It-Yourself Primatology project I chose to research how Indiana University male and female students behave differently in public when they are eating with a group of friends, versus eating on their own among strangers. I found this question to be thought provoking because of the fact that Indiana University is a very diverse school with people from many different cultures and backgrounds. For this experiment I broke the variables down into four different categories; my first category…

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  • Theme Of Dualism In The Laugh Of The Medusa

    1.1 “Women as Other” (Beauvoir 1) The contemplation of women as other specie accommodates men to consider her as a less important being. The attitude of man is not based on equality, it’s a way to dehumanize woman on the whole. The French feminist Cixous in “The Laugh of the Medusa” has talked about the dualism of western thought which revolves around man/woman. This dualism is not based on equality as man is the superior half who is foretold to subordinate women. Maugham’s men in the stories…

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  • Differences Between Isogamy And Hypogamy

    Hypergamy and hypogamy: Under Hypergamy marriage, the women marry a person from equal or higher social status, higher education and higher caste. Hypogamy marriage is nothing but, a man marries a woman from higher caste, higher status and higher education than himself. Here, after marriage woman gets husband’s caste and status. This helps them to lead a prosperous life. The offspring’s have better opportunities. Isogamy: Marriage occurs mostly among different sex that is hetero sexual unions,…

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