Israel's unilateral disengagement plan

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  • BG Hacohen Case Study

    the IDF . BG HaCohen had faced dangerous and tougher assignments before. However, this mission at hand is different, he is dealing with his countrymen and women. BG HaCohen had closed ties with some of the Israeli settlers, he knew a lot of the town leaderships and also his family lives in the West Bank. On August 17, 2003, when the evacuation activity began, the IDF and national police immediately received resistance from the settlers. The settlers blocked the gate entrance to Gaza Strip and not allowing the IDF and commercial vehicles to pass through the gate. Also, the settlers demanded that the IDF commander get rid of the national police. BG HaCohen after speaking with the settler’s leader he then briefly discussed the demand and his plan with his superior . BG HaCohen’s superior opposed to the demand. However, after giving it some thoughtful considerations to what implications and consequences his decision makes if he either agree or disagree with the demand. The possible implication or consequence if BG HaCohen decided to honor their demand, is that the settlers may ask for more demands. But in the end, despite his superior’s disapproval, BG HaCohen has decided to get rid of the national police. It turns out; that it was a good idea, the settlers opened the gate and let the IDF and commercial vehicles pass through the gate. But, if BG HaCohen decided not to give the settlers’ their demand as his superior instructed him to do, this may lead to further confrontation…

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  • Arab Oil Embargo

    tremendous economic and military aid to Israel, and the United States was Israel’s closest ally (Licklider “Political” 190). This support of Israel produced massive hatred of America throughout the Middle East because the United States was believed to have “endorsed and financed Israeli occupation” (Alnasrawi 83). Essentially, the immense support of Israel from the United States led Arabs to view the United States as another component of foreign domination. Every industrial nation relies on…

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  • 1973 Oil Embargo Analysis

    October 6, 1973 (Ryan 71). The October War showed that Israel was not invincible and that “Arab capabilities had to be respected” (Licklider “Political” 213). In the October War, the Arabs were able to inflict some damage on Israel, so Sadat, the president of Egypt, declared that the war was “‘the first Arab victory in 500 years’” (“The Middle East”168). In addition to the military contributions from Syria and Egypt, the other Arab nations contributed to the war effort; “within the context of…

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