The Importance Of Male Mates

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Male preference in choosing a potential mate is important knowledge for people trying to find a male mate. Research conducted by the University of Konkuk department of economics member Kitae Sohn indicates that the age of the potential mate plays a significant role in males’ preference, stating that men seek out younger mates. Claiming that the reason behind this is that men seek young women because they are fertile. Kitae Sohn explains reasoning behind this with results of the study in the article “Men 's revealed preference for their mates ' ages,” (2016) found in The Official Journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society. The author notes the findings that men prefer younger mates through an unusual marriage phenomenon in South Korea …show more content…
The strange marriage phenomenon is used for the study of male preference because it eliminates any restriction women may have in finding a potential mate because they have no freedom to say yes or no. After analyzing the findings of Sohn I agree with the theory that has been developed, but don’t entirely agree with it because it leaves out homosexual couples. In today’s world, homosexual couples, as well as marriages, are becoming more acceptable and they need to be taken into consideration. These findings may be completely accurate for men seeking female mates, but for the men seeking male mates could be potentially all wrong. Age may not play a factor when it comes to men seeking male mates and these are things that need to be taken into consideration. In terms of my reaction to Sohn’s findings, I was not surprised that taking away the freedom for a bride to agree to a marriage would result in older males marrying younger females. This is because female bodies are more fertile at a younger age, meaning that they have more time to produce offspring. Not only this, but younger women typically have more in shape bodies and don’t have as many things wrong with them as older women do. However, it is truly sickening to see the …show more content…
Sohn has developed a correlation between a women’s age and male’s preference towards them by blaming it on a women being more fertile at a younger age. I would challenge further research to use the social bond theory and social learning theory to expand the study because this could very well play a vital part in male preference in choosing a potential mate. This is because if the people we have very strong bonds with decide to have younger mates, it may influence the other person to choose a younger mate down the round because most of what we learn is through other people close to us in our life. People could also be learning by observing what they see in their daily life as the norm and if they are seeing more couples that have older males opposed to their mates, they might think this is the norm when it comes to mating. This could eliminate that fertility is the only factor at hand for why males tend to choose younger females. The final thing I would challenge the author to focus on multiple countries and not just South Korea. This gives the study more generalizability and can focus on all men not just men from South

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