Rhetorical Analysis Of ' The Disestablishment Of Marriage ' Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis In her essay, “The Disestablishment of Marriage”, Stephanie Coontz guest columnist teacher at The Evergreen State College, illustrates the change of the standards of marriage “demanding different things from marriage then in the past” with the use of studies and data. Coontz shows the data on how the present day marriage has changed from are ancestor’s views of marriage. Coontz discuss how marriage is no longer the center institution that organizes people’s lives. The purpose of Stephanie Coontz essay, “The Disestablishment of Marriage” is to implicate how today society views on marriage have change from those of the past. The author purpose isn’t to argue the change of marriage, but to inform the audience of the change and give true to the rumors. Coontz gives key information from the past and present to mode changes. Even thought the author isn’t fighting for a side, she conveys the information needed to inform the audience of those who are in a relationship getting ready to take the next step and to those who have question or fear marriage. Coontz use a very logical and weak approach to relate to the audience. Coontz use strategy of using logical reasoning by offering the audience facts and results from studies to support her claims. For example, “Between 1950 and 2011, according to calculations by the University of Maryland sociologist Philip Cohen, the marriage rate fell from 90 marriage a year per 1,000 unmarried women to 31, stunning 66 percent…

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