About Marriage By Danien Crittenden Analysis

The Analysis of About Marriage The article “About Marriage’’ written by Danielle Crittenden objects to the views feminist have with traditional marriage from the selection What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us: Why Happiness Eludes the Modern Woman (1999). In this article Crittenden talks about the impact the feminist movement had on marriage. Crittenden blatantly disagrees with the feminist view on traditional marriage. Danielle Crittenden is a former columnist for the New York Post; Crittenden is the founder of Women’s Quarterly and the author of the novel Amanda Bright@Home (1999). In this analytical essay there will be a use of the terms pathos, logos, and ethos (emotion, logic, and credibility). Crittenden unfortunately lacks in the use of logos and ethos and predominantly uses pathos to emotional invest and persuade the reader.

The article starts off with Crittenden talking about the feminist view of marriage. Crittenden talks about how feminist “… damn any attempt to
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The analysis of the “About Marriage”, analyze the article and interpret the authors views on the subject. This article talked about how feminist disagreed with the traditional marriage roles because they restricted the modern women. The feminist described in this article want equal-role marriages instead of the old traditional so they will not longer be restricted by these stereo-typical gender roles. The author, Danielle Crittenden, argues for marriage and apposes to the idea of equal-role marriage. Crittenden talks about keeping some of the old values of a traditional marriage and how that might help with having a successful marriage. Near the end of the article, Crittenden talks about how in a marriage the man and the woman must be willing to compromise, over come their faults, and become one in the marriage for it to prosper. If the two people are not willing to compromise then the marriage will may

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