Effects Of Hookup Culture

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Is the hookup culture leaving our generation more unhappy or unprepared for love, and what exactly is the hookup culture? The hookup culture is a group of people who promotes and accepts the fact that having sexual intercourses with someone without commitment is acceptable. The hookup culture is in fact leaving our generation unhappy and also unprepared. However, it is leaving our generation unhappy because of the emotional journey that brings upon us. This is harmful because it makes people feel damaged and puts them in a state of mind that doing wrong is right.
The hook up culture plays a weighty role with this generation. Hooking up is starting to become more engrained in popular culture, reflecting both evolved sexual predictions and changing
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It has had and still has a growing population of young people participating in it. They strongly believe that it is okay to have sexual intercourse with others without having strings attached. It has also been stated and analyzed that about 70% of young adults have been involved with having sex without being in any type of relationship (Justin). Numerous of people feel as if being a part of the hook up culture gives them a way of escaping commitment and yearning to talk and communicate with others without having to do as much “talking”. People tend to get drawn in the culture because they are afraid of commitment at times. In addition to feeling the pressure of being involved in the lifestyle to accepted and recognized in the hookup culture. In fact, some people feel that if it is much easier to sleep with someone rather than …show more content…
On the other hand, it may also have pros to come with being involved with it. With the increases and ongoing rate of the culture, nobody is really getting the chance to find love before experimenting with one another. Hooking up is representing as being open and strongly believes that it is acceptable to have uncommitted sex (Justin). With more of our generation joining, it leaves them both more naïve and ignorant to the fact of when it comes down to loving or even having a strong relationship with someone. Ideally, they will be more costumed to the movement and would not accept the changes of committing to love because it is not what they are used to or desirably want. The hookup culture may come off as being something that is wrong, but why would people be a part of something when there is no right? Being in a relationship can lead into trouble and may cause problems that can be avoided down the road. In the hookup culture, you mainly know what you are getting into, so you shouldn’t expect anything different. But dealing with a relationship, it is not as simple as some people may seem to put it. In a relationship there has to be great communication that most people in this culture lacks, great trust, honesty, and the ability of knowing how to compromise with the partner of choice. People may feel that doing those things are a bit

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