Ismail Kadare

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    In Heart Of Darkness, Joseph Conrad discusses how the Europeans treat the native congo people. Throughout the novella imperialism is presented by the Europeans attempting to colonize the Congo region. Joseph Conrad explains the harsh exploitation of the Congo through the perspective of Marlow. Marlow sees how the natives are treated with disrespect as their rightful land is taken from them. By analyzing Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad through a new criticism lens, one can see that the novella includes literary devices such as diction, symbolism, and similes to describe the cruel treatment of the natives and the imperialism in Africa. Throughout the Novella Conrad uses dark diction. On page 19, Conrad utilizes the word, “violent” to display the cruelty of imperialism. He also uses words such as “decaying”, “dull”, and “devastation” (15). Through this diction, Conrad is able to display how the people of the Congo region were treated and the area they lived in. These words show that the people in this region were treated so poorly that their lives have changed, decayed, and the impact on their lives is devastating. The use of these specific words give the reader a small feeling of what the Congo people are actually experiencing daily from the Europeans.Through imperialism, the Europeans were able to conquer the Congo people and treat them in a very poor fashion. Conrad uses the dark and dismal diction to explain the dark experiences of Marlow, Kurtz, and the natives of…

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    ‘Broken April’ by Ismail Kadare is a novel that encapsulates the experiences in the world of the Kanun. The Kanun is a set of traditional Albanian laws that maintains order and the way of life in rural Albania. The power of the Kanun extends throughout the land of the Rrafsh, maintaining the cycle of the blood feud prevalent in the lives of the people living there. The physical environment of the Rrafsh represents the ways the Kanun has affected the characters in the story. The physical…

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