Commanding officer

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  • Commanding Officer Analysis

    of commanding officers in administrating and fair play in units. In this assignment, we can say that the commanding officer has the ultimate power or authority in commanding the whole unit and commanding officer can mould the base they signed into what shape they want as long it is not breaking the military law. The commanding officer is responsible in performing their duties fairly and impartially. A good commanding officer will, immediately upon taking command, publish in writing to his command his expectations, his desires, his standards and also knows he is human, and seeks the counsel of his support team to keep him on the straight and true path. For army, the commanding…

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  • My Life Application Essay Sample

    family moved away from Christchurch in 1970 to the deep south of New Zealand’s South Island. Invercargill is a small city existing largely to serve the surrounding farming communities and a nearby aluminum smelter. I attended school from the age of five, and during this period acquired two younger brothers. By 1979 the family moved to Nelson, at the top of the South Island where my father intended to retire onto an orchard in a far more pleasant climate. I attended Nelson College until the…

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  • Violence In Robert Browning's Ordinary Men

    action performed by Reserve Battalion 101, and it was the first time that Trapp gave the men a choice to be reassigned to other tasks instead of participating directly in the killings. The Massacre in Łomazy differed from Józefów in two ways: it was headed by Lieutenant Gnade, whom showed no compassion or propriety when executing the Jews, and men were not given the choice to withdraw from the killings. Some officers like Georg Kageler were able to avoid the killings by participating in…

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  • Narrative Essay About Being Afghanistan

    don’t feel it until something like that happens. A couple weeks after that happened we were all on high alert and on edge. I was out on a convoy and it was my turn to man the turret with the 50-caliber machine gun. On our patrol, we came across a group of children who were armed with AK-47 machine guns. In the Middle East it is not uncommon for people to have machine guns, especially children. Just because people had machine guns did not make them a threat or the enemy. This is just they way…

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  • Adultery In The Military: A Case Study

    States committed adultery. President Clinton was caught committing adultery with a White House intern. During the scandal the House of Representative tried to impeach President Clinton; however, the Senate failed to eject Clinton (Nelson, 2013). This case was very controversial because supporters believed President Clinton 's personal life was not a public issue (Nelson, 2013). I do not understand how the President of the United States, who is the Commander in Chief, receives a slap on the…

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  • Disobedience In Military

    some of the stress related issues that our service members go through. Much of this stress comes from superior officers. Orders are given to lower ranking members that they sometimes do not agree with. However, our military members are taught to take orders from superior officers no matter if they agree with the orders or not. One of our military foundations is to obey. Soldiers are taught from boot camp to obey with no questions asked. If they don’t listen to orders given to them by superiors…

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  • Reflective Essay On The Army

    United States for about 240 years. It has held a strong force in every major conflict the U.S has been a part of. These conflicts are world war one and two, Vietnam, and the Middle East Although the Army has many types’ helicopters and other air bases operations; it is mostly a land-based force. During peacetimes the army slows the number of people it takes. For the time being they are taking as many people as they can to make a stand to the rest of the world. They are doing this because…

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  • The Importance Of Educational Goals And Career Goals

    The ELI summed me up perfectly by stating that I used sensibility in my decision making and equality. Those are the virtues that most military people have. The reason that I chose to get an education is a direct correlation from my Ethical Lens Inventory. All my life I always heard that education will get you a better high paying job. So the sensibility in getting an education to me was to get an education to have a better life. The military really made it a reality. The whole officer and…

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  • Police Officer: A Short Story

    I was in shock, total and complete shock. 30 minutes ago, my biggest concern was whether I need to buy milk for the Oreos i had at home, and now I 'm being arrested and charged with three felonies. But the universe was looking out for me. As they are waiting for the paddy wagon, their supervisor pulls up and orders them to let me go. All three officers immediately take offense with her order, and they start listing all the charges they are going to press and how I pretty much deserve to go to…

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  • Adonis Vs Fto Tibbetts

    In this scenario, Sergeant Williams, pairs his subordinate Officer Roberts, with Field Training Officer Andrew Tibbetts, who impregnates her. Officer Roberts is irate and upset with Sergeant Williams because FTO Tibbets will not leave his family to enter into a relationship with her. Officer Roberts blames Sergeant Williams because he paired the two together even though Officer Tibbetts had a reputation of being a ladies’ man and that she was vulnerable at the time. Officer Roberts felt that…

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