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  • Incarceration In Corrections

    The mentally ill are facing many problems in the correctional system in the nature of adjusting to incarceration or not being stable enough to leave on their own I believe that they need more help readjusting to society or to obtain mental health treatment. Mental Illnesses affect a substantially large amount of inmates in the corrections system, these illnesses cause minimal, moderate, and severe disturbances in feeling, thinking and relating the result is a diminished capacity for coping with regular everyday tasks. The majority of the mentally ill inmates were incarcerated for a violent offense; they are also more likely to be under the influence with reference to illicit substances and twice as likely to be homeless before they became…

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  • Punishment In Corrections

    Retribution may seem similar to revenge; however, retribution serves as a suitable punishment that is equivalent to damage that was caused to wronged victims. Furthermore, one other purposes of retribution “is not to make the wicked "suffer," but to restore social balance” (Bradley, 2003, p. 30). Once the offender has paid their dues for the crime that they committed, the offender is free from further punishment. The second concept that is part of the foundation of corrections includes…

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  • Community Corrections

    In community corrections the probation officer is taught that the only difference between us and an offender being on probation is being caught. This general statement is meant to keep the officer level headed as a deterrence of letting power of authority create an inflated ego. In many cases, citizens commit crimes that if they were caught it could possibly land them on probation. However, many of those citizens are not the typical offender on probation. Probation is an alternative sentence…

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  • Essay On Community Corrections

    Community corrections play a major role in the U.S. criminal justice system; and it attempts to provide an alternative to institutional corrections, which is mutually more beneficial to the State, the offender, his family, as well as the community. Its mission is to deliver services that contribute to safer communities all while reducing the hassles that the families’ of the offender, the State (in form of considerable expenditures associated), as well as the community face due to institutional…

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  • Recidivism In Corrections

    successful outside prison. States will also develop aftercare programs for inmates that provide mental health and substance abuse treatment for inmates that continue after their release from a correctional facility (National Reentry Resource Center, 2014). States will also develop and use different types of alternative sentences in order to lower not only the number of inmates, but also in order to reduce costs (Krisberg,, 1982). With the advances in technology, the utilization of sentences…

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  • Community Justice In Corrections

    correctional field. Today, the usage of community justice can be found a large majority of correctional facilities across the county. Due in large to the public mistrust of the effect of prisons, and the ever growing number of recidivism rates, prison officials has attempted to incorporate new police to help address the above concerns. The primary goals of community justice within corrections is to achieve public safety by reduce the recidivism rates by effectively managing offenders within the…

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  • Overcrowding In Corrections Essay

    Since the early 1970’s, overcrowding in prisons has been a major problem throughout the whole United States correctional system. The boom in prison population came from various movements going on in the United States in the middle to late 20th century, which led to police officers arresting criminals for even the pettiest of offenses. The overcrowding in prisons was derived from the very costly War on Drugs, the Get Tough on Crime movement, which encouraged the state of California’s three…

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  • Ethical Issues In Corrections

    decision affects the relationship between inmate and lieutenant drastically or not, as a lieutenant policy comes before anything else. Certain situations like the simple mailing of a letter for an inmate can cause ethical concerns. "Lisa has asked you to mail a personal letter to a close friend"(A question of Policy, VII, and pg.97). Mailing letters for inmates will be considered as a violation of institutional policy. As a correctional officer you are stuck between mailing the letter and…

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  • Two Models Of Corrections Essay

    According to Bureau of Justice Statistics term corrections refers to the supervision of people who have been convicted of, arrested for or sentenced for criminal offence. Any action that involves criminal offenders after they have been convicted is meant to be corrective, changing their behavior to become closer to society’s norms. Corrections include in itself a variety of facilities, programs or services. It could be a community service like cleaning up the streets or a person could be on a…

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  • Reflective Experience In Corrections Counseling

    Andrew Bland wrote a journal article entitled Corrective Experiences in Corrections Counseling in the Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Criminology. This journal article discusses the early correctional counselor’s responsibilities and relationships between counselors and inmates. It also discusses more recent practices and what can be improved in the future to help keep people out of jail and prison. Bland feels as though if there was a way to continue the counseling services after the…

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