Ethical Dilemmas In The Community Case Study

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Ethical decisions are not only broken by professionals. Community members are also part of ethical dilemmas. In this case one can argue that ethical concerns can be observed in both community and institutional settings. Professionals that work within correctional facilities are ethically challenged on day-to-day bases. Community members also play an important role within the correctional system. Issues like societies acceptance towards ex-offenders can question community member’s ethical approach. As well as corruption within prison and victimization among inmates. Another issue that correctional professional faces are Policy vs. Confidentiality challenges. It is highly important as a professional to obey by policy rules while maintaining confidentiality …show more content…
As an employee in the correctional system there will always be certain policies to obey by. Temptations like looking the other way for inmates that are in certain circumstances will occur. The way in which the situation is handling will determine the integrity and ethical approach the employer has. "Shorty has begged for temporary release to go home to attend his mother 's funeral" (Temporary Release, III, pg.87). In a situation like this one as a lieutenant in charge, the primary concern of the inmates release would be who is all at risk if inmate is released? Ethical dilemmas like the questioning of humanitarian values do arise but the safety of society is the primary concern. Whether the decision affects the relationship between inmate and lieutenant drastically or not, as a lieutenant policy comes before anything else. Certain situations like the simple mailing of a letter for an inmate can cause ethical concerns. "Lisa has asked you to mail a personal letter to a close friend"(A question of Policy, VII, and pg.97). Mailing letters for inmates will be considered as a violation of institutional policy. As a correctional officer you are stuck between mailing the letter and maintaining a good positive relationship with Lisa or, doing what is correct according to policy. Having to determine what is best for both the employer and inmate can be a difficult decision. Breaching confidentiality can also question ethics within corrections. What happens when an inmate confesses that he and two other inmates are planning to escape? As a correctional officer you have the legal duty to report such act. Knowing that reporting what was said will affect the relationship between correctional officer and inmate the duty to report is necessary. "It seems you have to sacrifice either Rafael and your counseling relationship with him or the security of the

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