Theoretical Approaches In The Criminal Justice System

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There are numerous practices that are used in the criminal justice system. Professionals need to determine which theoretical approaches works best to help the system. Searching empirical studies and then utilizing that information can help determine the best theoretical practices. Correctional facilities should use different practices for restorative justice, crime prevention, and corrections to improve our criminal justice system. Defining different theoretical approaches can also improve rehabilitative services in correctional facilities. Integrating these approaches into correctional facilities can improve them and meet the needs of both offenders and victims out in the community.
Theoretical Practices for Restorative Justice, Crime Prevention,
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Crime prevention is specifically enforced by the government to reduce crime rates, highly enforce laws, and maintain criminal justice. Implementing security has been one of the best theoretical practices for crime prevention in for many areas (Torronen, 2005), (Korander, 2005). Another approach for crime prevention is to encourage everyone in the community to work together and inform the police force of anyone breaking the laws (Torronen, 2005), (Korander, 2005). Setting up meetings in the community to discuss crime prevention can also eliminate crime. This approach can be done by having the citizens give their feedback and opinion on ways to help eliminate …show more content…
Rehabilitative services skill and prepare inmates for reintegration (Benson, 2003). For inmates that have been locked up for centuries transitioning them back into society can tough. A lot of inmates have the potential to want to start over but they don’t know how and that’s why rehabilitative services are provided. These services educate inmates on occupational skills to prepare them for the work force. Rehabilitation services also provide resources for inmates that help assist them in finding a place to stay. There are different ways to improve rehabilitation services to make them more readily utilize in criminal justice system. One thing correctional facilities can do for the ones that receive mental health services is know their inmates background. This can help by eliminating problematic issues as to way inmates committed crimes. Another way to improve rehabilitative services in correctional facilities is to make sure different skills are taught frequently to make sure inmates are getting all their information they need to set them up successfully. Another approach the criminal justice system can do is provide properly training to prison staff so that they can deliver information to inmates in a way that help them understand. These practices can align with the theoretical approaches that I listed by just providing the proper training to

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