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  • Victors And Vanquished Analysis

    The downfall of the Aztec Empire in the 1500s was brought about by a very bloody and ruthless conquest orchestrated by Spanish conquistadors led by Hernán Cortés. Central America was devastated by the aggression of the European invaders who were ransacking every town for their valuables and subjugating the populace. Much of what is known about the events that unfolded comes from primary sources written by the Spanish participants or the stories written by the native Nahua people a generation or two after the whole affair, whose sources mainly consist of oral tellings of the circumstance from their ancestors. In Victors and Vanquished, Stuart Schwartz attempts to juxtapose these sometimes contradictory sources and explore the situation from…

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  • Compare And Contrast Cortes And Florentin Codex

    The letter from Cortes and the Florentine Codex both describe the same event but from different perspectives. In an essay of approximately 600 words, compare and contrast these two documents. You could examine the history portrayed in the documents, different perspectives, language, tone, etc. Be sure to quote directly from the text and cite appropriately. To begin with, the letter from Cortes and the Florentine Codex both are describing the same event. The only difference is the…

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  • Spanish Conquistadors In Latin America

    The Conquistadors are Spanish men that explored who find the new world but most importantly South America. Who was Francisco Pizzaro? He was a Spanish Conquistador who was born around 1474 in Trujillo, Spain. In 1528 Pizzaro was welcomed by the Inca’s leader Wayna Capac but in the Inca’s trusted leader died of small pox. Pizzaro went back to Panama overjoyed and while he was there him and his partners planned for their next conquest. 1529 when he went back to Spain the queen gave them a license…

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  • How Did Cortes Contribute To The Defeat Of The Aztecs

    The Aztecs were a harsh and cruel empire. The Aztecs practiced human sacrifice, which caused them to be feared by others (Cornale,2). Many of the sacrificed people were captured from neighboring Indian tribes. Cortes really did not like the thought of human sacrifice (Livescience). This was a reason that helped him make allies with other Indian tribes. The other Indian tribes supported Cortes and his men by helping them fight the Aztecs. This helped Cortes and his men defeat the Aztecs because…

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  • Hernan Cortez True History Analysis

    Few times in history do we get to have a detailed and in-depth look into a major historical event like we do with Bernal Diaz del Castillo “Historia Verdadera de la Conquista de la Nueva España” or “The True History of the Conquest of the New Spain.” Written by a foot soldier alongside Hernan Cortes, “True History,” allows us to get a front row view to what can be considered one of the most fundamental encounters between European travelers and New World natives. Notably, it is not written is…

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  • How Did Hernan Cortes Conquer Mexico

    In the early fifteen hundred’s a Spanish expedition was sent on a mission to conquer Mexico, and consisted of approximately a dozen ships. Hernán Cortés was one of the most accomplished of the conquistadors in the sixteenth century, and also known throughout the world as the man who defeated the Aztec Empire. By overthrowing the Aztec Empire and their emperor, Moctezuma, Cortes conquered Mexico. Hernán Cortés was eternally known as a man who was rather bold and valiant in his leadership of his…

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  • Cortes Smallpox

    If the Natives had been immune to smallpox, I think they would have still been conquered by the Spaniards. The Aztecs and Incas were two empires. The Aztecs were roughly 15 million people in Mexico. They would make sacrifices to their god of war and sun who drank human blood. They also had another god that lived among the Aztecs who had left. He said he would come back in the year of One Reed. When the year of One Reed arrived, Hernan Cortes landed on Aztec land searching for gold, glory, and…

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  • 18th Century Conquistadors

    Sebastian Elcano and Ferdinand Magellan in 1521, expeditions led by conquistadors in the 16th century established trading routes linking Europe with all these areas. Infections got around worldwide from Africa and Eurasia to the Americas. The spread of diseases like smallpox and typhus declined the number of people in the New World. The natives of the New World were not immune to the diseases and they quickly spread across every tribe. The conquistadors were trained warriors. They used European…

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  • Hernan Cortes Letters From Mexico Summary

    These letters written by Hernan Cortes who was a Spaniard conquistador who first conquest of Cuba and thereafter turn his head to the Mexico to conquest as well. In 1519 he sorted out attack of Mexico. Thereafter, he arrived in Mexico on April 22, 1519. By 1521, he had taken all the control of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan ( Mexico City ).After his conquest of Mexico , Spanish chroniclers offered him to write what he saw in Mexico, thereafter he had to write these letters to show what he…

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  • Advantages Of The Conquest Of Mexico

    The Conquest of Mexico started in 1519 and was between the Spaniards and the Indians. The leading commander for the Spaniards was Hernán Cortés. His objective was to capture the center of Mexico, Tenochtitlan. The Spaniards had a technological advantage which was the quality of their weapons. The steel armor and weapons were an advantage over the Indians because the Indians had wooden weapons. They had other advantages as well such as diseases, dogs, and horses. Although horses were one of the…

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