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  • Political Gridlock In The United States

    Government corruption can be defined as the sale of government property for personal gain (Shleifer and Vishny 1993). An example of this would be a government official collects bribes or money in return for providing permits or licenses to individuals or businesses (Shleifer and Vishny 1993). While government corruption is widely recognized as a criminal activity, I theorize that in this case there may be benefits to government corruption. For example, if a government is in political gridlock and no progress is being made in regards to government response; government corruption then may have a positive impact on the getting resources where they need to go. At the same time, it has been proven that corruption has negative effects to the economy so while corruption may help in the short-run, it may also cause long term economic issues. While a small amount of corruption may lead to quicker response times, if a government is heavily corrupt this can lead to short-term consequences. If a vast amount of government officials are handing licenses to business to perform certain clean-up activities, there can massive amounts of disorganization within the clean-up efforts, which in turn would lead to an increase in government response time. Therefore, corruption has a negative impact on government response time the more corrupt a country…

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  • Corruption And Poverty

    This paper will study the relationship between a country’s perceived amount of corruption, and how that affects the wages of its domestic workers. The premise behind this paper is that a country that is perceived as being dishonest and corrupt would have lower wages. Corruption in government is seemingly always present in our world. This paper will try to determine if there is a correlation between a country’s perceived corruption and the monthly disposable income its workers earn with…

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  • Xi Jinping's Anti-Corruption Report

    There is no question that, throughout the history of China, there exists a trend of corruption which never quite seems to vanish, no matter what the Chairman at the time has tried in terms of combatting it. The issue came into primary focus in 1989 with anti-government demonstrations that forced the leadership to wage war against corruption, for fear of losing legitimacy as a party. And yet, corruption has not significantly decreased. With Xi Jinping’s announcement in 2012 that he would be…

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  • Case Study On Corruption Index

    Q1. Corruption Index: Conditions, Reasons and possible issues Corruption could be defined as the dishonest and unethical behavior in order to access personal profit or exclusive power from political authorities instead of conducting corresponding laws, which could be an important indicator of political risk. In this case, corruption perception index will be used to estimate the scale of corruption. According to the Transparency International (2016), Sweden scores 89 in corruption perception…

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  • Corruption In Wal-Mart De Mexico

    In 2012, the New York Times published an article reporting extensively on the rampant corruption in the business practices of Wal-Mart’s Mexican branch, Wal-Mart de Mexico. The article reported that the company paid more than $24 million in order to obtain things such as building permits and beneficial environmental impact reports as a way of facilitating unprecedented large growth (Barstow 2012). Due to these practices, Wal-Mart has come under scrutiny of the United States’ Foreign Corrupt…

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  • Guanxi And Corruption

    Having analysed the parameters of guanxi, the same attention must be afforded to corruption. Within such an exploration there are several key questions which must be addressed. The first is whether there has been an increase in corruption, or if corruption has simply been afforded greater attention in recent years. The second issue concerns definition. According to the World Bank, corruption is “the abuse of public office for private gain.” (World Bank 1997). Accordingly, ‘corruption’ might…

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  • Walkability Inequalities

    (2005) developed walkability index (WI) to measure the characteristics of the physical environment that contribute to walkable neighbourhood design. Leslie et al. (2007) adapted the WI to Australia. WI for these studies contains four main data components. The first component is residential density which is the number of residential units per particular areal unit within a neighbourhood. A high residential density value shows that more people live in the area. The second data component of the…

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  • Observational Study Methods

    The study design of the Evans study was based upon the use of both direct interview and observational study methods. For the direct interview methods, social demographic data, medical variables, employment status, and subjective indicators were obtained via personal interview Interviewers were trained during a three-day training session to ensure uniform interview processes. Completed interviews were obtained from 90% of eligible patients (Evans et al, 1985). The responses to these interview…

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  • Effects Of Corruption And Poverty

    Corruption in the public sector which is generally defined as “the ill-usage of public office for private benefits” is a complex behaviour. At every stage of development, corruption appears to exist and exacerbate the conditions of economic progress and poverty (Chetwynd and Spector, 2003). The costs of corruption can be more significant particularly in countries with pre-existing negative pressure on economic growth as well as the recent political transition to democracy. In a corruption…

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  • Pairwise Combination Strategy And Constraints Strategy

    Since CBPTT only accept integer, comma and x as constraint input. This input was converted to get the constraints information. Based on pizza ordering system, there were three constraints which is vegetarian cheese with roasted chicken, vegetarian cheese with ground beef and meat lover and mushroom. To convert this input into constraint input format, the index of each value must be known. Table 3.6 shows the index of each parameter value of pizza ordering system. Table 3.6 System index…

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