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  • The Importance Of Mental Health Courts

    justice system that have a mental illness has become a growing issue in the criminal justice system. Many individual that enter the criminal justice system are bound to end up in prison, where they have little access to mental health help. The amount of individual that enter the criminal justice system that have a serious mental illness is estimated to be 16.9 percent. These individuals are usually repeat offenders that circulate through the system because they do not receive the treatment that they need. (Almquist & Dodd, 2009). Mental health courts are designed to work with offenders that have some sort of mental illness. These courts handle a variety of offenders and criminal offenses.…

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  • Mental Health Crisis Summary

    Flatt, A.K. (2013). A Suffering Generation: Six factors contributing to the mental health crisis in North American higher education. College Quarterly, 16(1), 1. In this article the author brought attention to the severe mental health crisis brewing on campuses across North America whereby students are struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and psychosis. This crisis created a shift in the needs of students seeking counseling service from more developmental and informational…

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  • Community Mental Health Assessment

    Mental Health Assessment Paper: Dorothea Dixx Psychiatric Center Theresa L. Butler Husson University Community Mental Health Assessment Paper Dorothea Dixx Psychiatric Center Dorothea Dixx Psychiatric Center (DDPC), also previously known as Bangor Mental Health is located in Bangor Maine and is just one of the two State psychiatric hospitals under the Maine State Department of Health and Human Services. Dorothea Dixx is a 51-bed facility that serves almost two-thirds of the…

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  • Mental Disorders And Mental Health

    An estimated one in four of all adult Americans suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in any given year. These mental disorders can range anywhere from mild mood disorders to extreme, uncontrollable cases of schizophrenia. Criminals who have been found guilty of committing a crime may have difficulty with both serving the punishment and recovering from their mental disease because of the sentence given to them. Often times, this sentence is crippling for the mentally ill individuals, as a…

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  • Mental Health Prayer

    few weeks and equipped me with the ability to grow and learn from my past hurt. My hope is that each of you can look past this world and what it tells us about mental health, and just be real with yourself and your process. It 's a hard to step to be open and raw, but my prayer is that this will push someone else to take their first steps to healing, too. Mental illnesses are more common in everyday life than one might think. It might not even be a diagnosed “mental illness” you struggle with,…

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  • Mental Health Stigma

    The Stigma of Mental Illness: Negative Effects Mental illness is defined as “the spectrum of cognitions, emotions, and behaviors that interfere with interpersonal relationships as well as functions required for work, at home, and in school” (Overton). Mental illness is a topic that is often avoided, because it is uncomfortable to discuss, which often leads to the misunderstanding that it is abnormal and shameful. However, according to Overton, one in four people will experience a mental illness…

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  • Mental Health In Australia

    Mental Health Mental illness is a huge problem around the world. It is a psychological issue that some people may suffer from, and it could change the way how people think, the behavior, and the feelings. According to beyondblue support service, around half of people in Australia will experience mental disorders. Furthermore, around 3 million people every year suffer from depression and anxiety in Australia. In addition, The National Mental Health study shows that 3% or 600,000 people of the…

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  • Theories Of Mental Health

    From attending meetings and the mental health aid courses I was able to identify theories that focus towards improving services for minority, as well as theory to support claims towards why minority communities such as the Maori and Polynesian community do not seek medical advice, or advice at all when It comes to issues such as mental health. Mental illness is a significant issue in modern day New Zealand for the Pasifika and Maori communities. Both communities are common statistics for many…

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  • CSA Mental Health

    CSA has been linked to mental health issues in the victim’s adult lives such as depression, PTSD, and anxiety to mention a few (Johnson, Pike and Chard, 2001). It was found that women who had a history of CSA are more likely to experience these outcomes than those women who were not abused (Romans, Martin, and Mullen, 1997). In a study conducted by Catan and Sossalla (2015), a sample of 56 volunteers who were at a welfare center who attended people with intellectual disabilities was gathered.…

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  • Mental Health Analysis

    of mental health requires, in the first place, to ask the meaning of this concept. Usually mental illnesses are associated with psychological or psychiatric problems, few people have the idea that also social factors and norms contribute enormously to the classification or declassification of mental disorders, at least among people’s perspective. With respect to its definition, it could be said that many people only focus on diseases and mental problems. However, the main focus should be the…

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