Mental Health Analysis

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Katya Fuentes Ayala
Treating any aspect of mental health requires, in the first place, to ask the meaning of this concept. Usually mental illnesses are associated with psychological or psychiatric problems, few people have the idea that also social factors and norms contribute enormously to the classification or declassification of mental disorders, at least among people’s perspective. With respect to its definition, it could be said that many people only focus on diseases and mental problems. However, the main focus should be the perception and awareness of them, and the possibility of trying to solve them, modify them. In some way, to intervene on them. In this sense, this week's reading proposes an analysis of the social factors that intervene
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For some people suffering from depression could be the sole responsibility of the person who suffers. It may even have to do with the fact that he is not aware of the good things he does have. For others, the schizophrenic is usually aggressive or incapable and must be isolated. Stepping out of stereotypes without fully knowing what the disorder itself means. The concept that a hyperactive child is a "problem child" or requires "special education", or even someone who visits the psychiatrist, suffers from something more serious than who goes to the psychologist. All taken to the norms or social perceptions usually based on the labels that have been dictated by generations, repeating the same story over and over …show more content…
In itself, the perception that people have regarding mental illness in general dictates not only the way in which others are going to react about it, but also how the person who suffers them feels. At present, with the development of modern psychiatry, as well as sociology, and psychology have shown a heterogeneity of theoretical perspectives regarding mental disorders. The old perceptions about them, often related to spiritual or religious conflicts (which by the way many times were born from different cultural interpretations) only reinforced the gap between the three fields. In this sense for sociology, in relation to the concept of psychic abnormality, that using sociological language could be considered in essence, a subtype of deviant behavior according to the information given by

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