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  • HLT Mentorship Analysis

    I have met and helped over twenty sophomore students in their pursuit of gaining acceptance into the workshop. Mentorship and giving back are both emphasized heavily by Professor Haeberle, both of which I have taken seriously. I would love to expand my mentoring ability while I still have time at Kelley. My experience working full-time at a private equity firm, Maxim Partners, has helped hone my knowledge of business and apply it in real life settings. I came to realize quickly of the major differences between the textbook knowledge taught in the classroom, and the real life application of that knowledge. While working full-time, I lead the execution of two acquisitions valued at $33 million and $55 million. The managing partner of the firm trusted me to complete the work typically expected of 24 year old professionals that possess two years of investment banking experience. Knowing I lacked the experience, I had to learn everything on the fly. Every e-mail I…

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  • Reflective Essay On My Mentorship

    While mentoring new Supervisors or mentoring anyone for that matter, I believe the most precious resource I can offer is my time. The new Supervisor I was mentoring was becoming overwhelmed by their new role and seemed defeated. By offering my time at the office and willingness to help guide and support them during this difficult period, our relationship grew stronger. By giving support and offering guidance, trust was built which helped lay the foundation for a very successful mentorship. Not…

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  • Hub Life Mentoring Program

    The practices embraced by the Hub life organisation and its association with mentorship acts as an apparatus to increase wellness of youth facing relative poverty, by the provision of guidance and support from respected adults. It is this support that aspires to improve the opportunity available to youth facing poverty, whether it be educational or financial, and in turn practice the principles of social justice. Hackman (2005, p.104) affirms that social justice is not only the valuation of…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Mentoring Programs

    unique system that collaborates with both, the community and schools. Weaknesses and Limitations No matter how well prepared, every program has its drawbacks, or disadvantages. Different people may require different environments in order to feel adequate enough to be comfortable so they do not feel any pressure to use any of the resources and tools that MODEL may provide. Basically, this may be a result of too much or too little structure within the program. Hopefully the…

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  • Mentoring In Youth Development

    Literature Review 1. Mentoring is becoming one of the most popular social interactions in the United States today, with an estimated 3 million youth in formal one on one relationship (Rhodes & DuBois 2006, pg 254). Youth mentoring is shown to help youth, especially those at risk in terms of education, problem behavior job readiness, reduction in substance abuse or other anti -social behavior. Most mentoring is community based, in contrast to school based, and most target at risk populations…

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  • Big Brothers Big Sister

    participants were only enrolled in one particular mentoring program. Also, because of self-reporting, bias and social desirability for both populations could have occurred. Next, the topic of general mentoring and improvements of youth were addressed in the research article by Coller and Kuo (2014). They investigated the development and evaluation of the Youth Empowerment program (YEP), a program among urban Latino students. They believed that a previously validated tool for assessing…

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  • Clarke County Mentor Journal

    once a week, for at least an entire year. The mentors are not encouraged to provide academic support but be a genuine adult for the youth to have a stable, caring adult in the life of the child other than their parent or guardian. Mentor-mentee relationships can also be allowed to develop as a community mentorship with the program, and some pairs…

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  • Traditional Mentoring

    Although not necessarily a bad thing, the lack of emphasis placed on “non-familial” relationships, I believe, is of note. As the Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring suggests, a study they conducted reports that “non-familial mentors seemed to have an even greater influence than familial mentors” (Rhodes, 2014). Consequently, the new model of mentorship I am purporting capitalizes on “non-familial” relationships by scouting out successful, young adults throughout the country and bringing them…

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  • Succession Planning Case Study

    •Wal-Mart’s inability to motivate and retain key employee despite succession planning because they believe somewhere else they will have better opportunities. HR metrics to measure success: Measuring the success of the mentorship program and succession planning is of utmost importance. Yet, many organizations do not focus on the right data. The problem is that employers only focus on asking about participants’ level of satisfaction alone, which is not a good HR metric. The problem is that…

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  • School's Induction Process Analysis

    Comparison of my School District and School 's Induction Process to the Process of Textbook Introduction My task is to compare my school district and school 's induction process to the process outlined in our textbook. Also, describe the changes I would make to my district 's induction program. Lastly, as a school leader or district leader, describe how I would implement an effective mentoring process. Mentors have been described as educational leaders and change agents, particularly those…

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