Importance Of Mentors

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 I believe that I do have the ability to recognize and believe in the potential of others, however, I may fall short in recognizing the potential in some who do not share the same background as I do. For example, I feel I have a hard time recognizing the potential in certain employees who began their career working in the field. That is mostly due to the lack of technological knowledge they may possess.
 I feel that I am willing to share my network of personal and professional resources. I have had other mentors do that for me early in my career and feel it was vital to my success and growth. My mentors were able to open doors for me and connect me with others who helped me grow. As a mentor I must be able to recognize what resources my
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I feel this is a result of not knowing your mentee, or not understanding how to properly develop your mentee. I could see some benefit in using the mentee for assistance, but this must be done very carefully. For example, using the mentee for assistance budgeting next year’s numbers could help the mentee learn something they haven’t seen or had experience with and could help with their future development.
 Being overly critical or authoritative is something I have witnessed several times. Some mentors treat their mentees’ as their “pledge” and not as an actual co-worker. This could be due to the mentor believing that their success is dependent upon the success of their mentee or it could be a wrong match. Again, I believe this falls back to properly understanding the role of the mentor and mentee and the selection committee selecting good mentors.
 I have seen this with our more tenure employees in my organization. When a more tenure employee is mentoring a new employee, they often have a hard time connecting and understanding what motivates the new employee. For example, not all new employees are motivated by money and job titles; some are motivated by the challenge that comes from the unknown and learning new skills. By observing and discussing, mentors can understand and appreciate what impacts their
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While mentoring new Supervisors or mentoring anyone for that matter, I believe the most precious resource I can offer is my time. The new Supervisor I was mentoring was becoming overwhelmed by their new role and seemed defeated. By offering my time at the office and willingness to help guide and support them during this difficult period, our relationship grew stronger. By giving support and offering guidance, trust was built which helped lay the foundation for a very successful mentorship. Not only did I offer time which is a personal resource, but I also offered my connections. I was able to connect my mentee with others in the organization that could help train him on certain computer programs that would ease the transition and help shorten the learning curve of the new

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