Mental Health Act 1983

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  • Person Centred Care Essay

    empowered to gain confidence to make independent and balanced-risk choices, consistent with their fundamental rights. Subsequently, Personal Budgets specify and allocate costings for an array of available options to meet specific needs, from respite to home care (Care Act, 2014:C23:P1:S8). Likewise, for those deemed capable of managing, requested ‘Direct Payments’ enable service users to arrange and secure support that is right for them (Care Act,…

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  • A Place Of Safety Essay

    Place of safety Section 136 states that once an arrest has been made police must assist the individual to a place of safety (Mental Health Act 1983, s. 136 (1)). To ensure the safety of the individual and the public, until an assessment can be conducted and future treatment has been decided upon (House of Commons 2015). A place of safety, is defined by law, as residential accommodation provided by a local authority (Lynch et al 2002; Borschmann et al 2010), such as: A&E departments, police…

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  • Occupational Therapy

    Association defines this allied health field as, a career which assists people throughout the lifespan engage in the activities they want and believe are necessary by utilizing everyday activities as a means for therapy (“What is”). The field involves both psychological and physiological aspects of the patient. Therefore an occupational therapist must be trained in a variety of subjects. Mary Anne Peabody and Stephen P. Demanchick note an occupational therapist must be competent…

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  • Social Work Case Study: Working Together To Safeguard Children

    physical and mental capacities. Hilda was admitted into the hospital after this fall which happened as a result of a dizzy spell. Hilda has a nephew Hassan and a good friend Daphne. Hilda’s condition improved after her admission but her physical mobility is reduced. The consultant is concerned that Hilda cannot stay alone. The social worker is also concerned Hilda is a bit forgetful. Hassan is concerned on looking for home care for Hilda. The General Practitioner (GP) is worried because Hilda s…

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  • Mental Health Issues In The Uk

    According to UK law, under the Mental Health Act of 1983, a person may be legally detained if they are suffering from a mental illness which makes it appropriate for them to receive medical treatment in a hospital, and it is necessary for the safety of the patient or other people that they receive this treatment, which can’t be provided unless the patient is detained . One definition of mental illness states that it is ‘a condition which causes serious disorder in a person’s behaviour or…

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  • Essay On Queerness

    Gay But Not Happy: The Impact of Queerness on Mental Health Introduction Four years prior to his suicide, 16-year-old Bobby Griffith wrote in his diary: "I can 't let anyone find out that I 'm not straight. It would be so humiliating. My friends would hate me, I just know it. They might even want to beat me up. . . . I guess I 'm no good to anyone . . . not even God. Life is so cruel, and unfair. Sometimes I feel like disappearing from the face of this earth" (Miller 88). After realizing he was…

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  • Reflective Essay About Me: My Philosophy Of Counseling

    As I begin my journey, I would like to work either under someone or with an agency where I can get more experience in the field. Private practice is not for me at this time. I would like to work either with a crisis program or with a domestic violence shelter where I can work with the victims. Briefly describe the historical foundations of mental health counseling Mental Health Counseling is actually one of the newest human service provider professions (Pistole, 2001). It is based upon the…

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  • Promoting Nursing As A Profession Research Paper

    the principles of what nursing is and the role of the nurse within the mental health, exploring professional regulations, legal and ethical frameworks within health and social care. Additionally this essay will demonstrate the values and skills to develop personally and professionally within a nursing practice as a result of these regulations, frameworks and experience in order to progress towards competency in a lifelong learning career. The role of nursing has evidently changed throughout…

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  • Mental Health Nurse Role

    The Role of Mental Health Nurse Introduction When looking back through the history of nursing it is clear to see the ever changing role of the mental health nurse (MHN), it seems inconceivable people with mental illness in 1845 were treated in lunatic asylums which were compulsory with the passing of the Lunacy Act. In the Asylums there were no nurse’s to be found only attendants who had little or no training other than “The Handbook for the Instruction of Attendants on the Insane” which was…

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  • Psychological Disorders Case Study

    perspectives. Objectives: • Describe common symptoms of research team’s given mental disorder. • Identify possible causes and available treatments for given mental disorders. • Locate local and online resources for information and services regarding prevention and treatment strategies for given mental health disorders. Curriculum Standard: SS 12.P.52 Categories of psychological disorders. Rationale: Psychology students coming into this lesson should have a basic understanding between the…

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