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  • Females Should NOT Be Allowed In Combat Positions

    What’s concerning are the emotions of the man to want to possibly protect the woman even more than another male soldier and cause more harm to himself or others. Thus there is no room for women in the infantry. You also have to ask yourself if women in the infantry will better the combat effectiveness of a unit, and quite frankly, the answer is no. The enemy will give no tolerance whether male or female, and it will be even worse if a woman is captured due to the risk of assault. Lastly, the disruption of a unit’s identity and motivation is at risk. The average front line trigger puller is in his late teens/early twenties and raging with testosterone. (Serrano, Lauren F. "MCA&F." Why Women Do Not Belong in the U.S. Infantry. Marine Corps Gazette, Sept. 2014. Web. 07 Mar. 2016.) Capt. Lauren F. Serrano of the Marine Corps wrote, “The infantry is the one place where young men are able to focus solely on being a warrior without the distraction of women or political correctness. They can fart, burp, tell jokes, walk around freely, swap stories, wrestle, and simply be young men together. Although perhaps not the most polite environment, this is the exact kind of…

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  • Becoming A Soldier: A Personal Analysis

    There are many ways to become successful in life, in anything you go through. There is always an answer for a problem that you face. Many times, I would say through the observations I have made in my lifetime that people focus more on learning from their mistakes than doing things “the right way”. I have seen and been a part of these situations in my life when I was in the army, worked in Thunder Valley as security, and also in school One example I have for this is in the Army. While I was…

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  • Von Steuben's Analysis

    Under the Manual of Arms from 1764, the Georgia Continentals lacked uniformity and discipline. The Continentals changed to Von Steuben's manual in 1777 and it improved their combat effectiveness. Steuben’s hands-on style of training helped the army become a more skillful fighting force and at the same time gave the army new life. Von Steuben’s manual stream lines the 1764 Manuel to make the doctrine more effective and efficient. The Georgia Continentals utilized three types of infantry.…

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  • Dear Future Research Paper

    at the end of the day life is what you make of it and that includes what an individual does now for their future and what their future will really be. I am proud of myself. Proud of the steps I am taking to prepare for my future in the Marines, with preparing for infantry, and with Austin. I have many goals to still achieve for myself and my life. Yet I will keep doing what I need to reach those goals along with a few bumps in the road I may come…

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  • My Life Application Essay Sample

    attended Nelson College until the age of 17, and received relatively good grades. I was an enthusiastic but average sportsman. I also developed an interest in a military career, and applied to do officer training. My application was accepted. I enlisted on 3 Jan 85, and was posted to the Royal Military College in Australia where a small number of New Zealand officers are trained. I commenced an engineering degree, but soon enjoyed such an active social life that I failed the first year of…

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  • Strategies, Weapons And Battles In The Epic Of Beowulf

    The epic of Beowulf consists of three battle where, the main character, Beowulf himself, battles his greatest foes. enemies. Beowulf has different strategies, weapons and reasons for fighting each one of his foes, along with a specific motivation when fighting the maleficent monsters. Beowulf will fight Grendel, Grendel 's mother, and the dragon. Grendel and his mother are giants feared by all but Beowulf, the Dragon is the protector of treasure and will stop at nothing to keep it safe. Beowulf…

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  • The Importance Of Aztec Warfare

    It has been said that “warfare was the center of Aztec life‘’. We know this is true because of all the artifacts that the Aztecs left behind. In fact ‘’every male Aztec was trained to be a soldier’’ from a very young age. The Aztec Military used weapons quite frequently and they were generally used throughout the entire life of the Aztec warrior. The weapons were so important to the Aztecs because they went to battle so often. They battled often to prove who the strongest city was in their…

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  • Analytical Essay: Women In The Infantry

    Women in the Infantry Fueled by political correctness and the urgent rush to re-event the entire Military structure that’s already won many wars. It is the sudden implement of women in the Infantry. For many years our military has been successful with the way it has been established. Being all for equal opportunity myself, personal I feel from experience and facts women should not be in the Infantry. Women do not possess the same physical standards and capability to accomplish the mission.…

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  • Memoirs Of An Infantry Officer By Siegfried Sassoon: Summary

    Memoirs of an Infantry Officer is a book written by Siegfried Sassoon about World War I. This fictional account of Siegfried’s life during and immediately after the war was first published in 1930. Not long after its release, it was renowned as a classic, and it was even more successful than its predecessor, Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man--Sassoon’s first book in his trilogy of autobiographical war novels. This particular book, Memoirs of an Infantry Officer covers the period of time from 1915 to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Role As An Active Duty Infantry Soldier

    I’m currently an active duty Infantry soldier who has served in both the Iraq and Afghanistan Theater. Over the years whether it be family, friends, or even strangers I’ve been asked many times the same particular questions. What about war is hard, why are so many soldiers suffering from PTSD, and what is it like? From the first day of basic training, we are taught that our main focus is to go to war and fight for our country. Our mentally changes and we start to develop an obsession with war.…

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