Inferior vena cava

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  • How Change Has Affected My Life

    Our physician reviewed his medical record and recommended an Inferior Vena Cava filter placed. The patient was concerned, because a friend told him that blood clots below the knee do not travel and just need monitored by ultrasound. The friend had got the information from the internet. . I located some material on a website that indicated that a below the knee DVT is unlikely to break away and is usually monitored by ultrasound (MedicineNet, 2015). Now, my patient does not want to have the procedure done or start anticoagulant…

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  • Venous Thrombosis Pathophysiology

    prior for antiphospholipid antibodies, antithrombin III level and lupus anticoagulant. When the serum tests are not revealing anything unusual, genetic testing is acquired to look for mutation such as prothrombin G20210A mutation should be done (Dugdale, 2013). Some non-intrusive methods to detect DVT are Doppler ultrasound or a CT scan. The interruption of DVT includes mobility soon after surgical procedures, compression stockings and application of SCD. The treatment of…

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  • Diamond Wedding Ring Research Paper

    The tradition of beginning an engagement with a diamond ring is largely an American custom that has resulted in the United States becoming one of the largest shareholders of the global diamond jewelry market (Global Diamond Jewelry). The custom dates back to first half of the 1900s when diamonds were introduced as a symbol of undying love due to their lasting value. Although diamond wedding rings serve as an investment and symbol of eternal love, some luxury rings, such as Tiffany and Company,…

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  • Wired For Wealth Summary

    Wired for Wealth by Brad and Ted Klontz, and Rick Kahler is a phenomenal book on the psychology of wealth building. It points to the different mindsets people have about wealth that can keep them from reaching their full potential. This book also shows ways you can change these mindsets to allow for easier wealth building. This was a brief, understandable, and enjoyable book that I would recommend to anyone who is feeling stuck with their finances. …

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  • Andreas Vesalius: The Most Influential Person In The Renaissance

    previously found that there was a set of arteries leading directly from the heart to the brain called the rete mirabile. Andreas Vesalius proved that there is no such thing as the rete mirabile through the dissection of animals and humans. This shows how he was the most influential anatomist in the Renaissance because he showed, through his work, that another anatomist was wrong about a vital piece of the body, and that his discovery changed the way people were taught, the way people operated,…

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  • Differences In Feetal Circulation Vs. Postnatal Circulation

    is important to note that in a fully functioning not pregnant mammal blood circulates in the following way: vena cava, right atrium, tricuspid valve, right ventricle, pulmonary semi lunar valve, pulmonary arteries, lungs, pulmonary veins, left atrium, bicuspid valve, left ventricle, aortic semilunar valve, aorta, systemic circulation, vena cava. Fetal circulation works by using three shunts to direct deoxygenated blood and avoid the not yet fully developed lungs and liver. The patent foramen…

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  • 11.2 The Circulatory System

    11.2 The Circulatory System The circulatory system is made up of multiple different organs, and it's main function is transportation. The system allows blood to circulate, which transports oxygen, hormones and nutrients as well as picking up waste. The elements of the system include; The Heart The heart acts as a muscular pump which is divided into 4 different chambers, the heart's main function is to pump the blood around the body. It pumps deoxygenated blood through the veins, to the…

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  • Cardiovascular System Research Paper

    separated into four chambers. The layers include the superficial epicardium, the middle myocardium, and the deepest layer called the endocardium. The four chambers consists of the right atrium, right ventricle, left atrium and left ventricle. The right and left atriums are separated by the interatrial septum and the interventricular septum divides the right and left ventricles. There are atrial-ventricular junctions that differentiate between the atriums and ventricles which contains…

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  • Difference Between The Heart And Pig Heart

    and is known as the atrioventricular septum. Differences between Left and Right Side of the Heart? • Left side of the heart operates at a level up to 125 mmHg, whereas the right side of the heart operates at 25 mmHg. • Right side drives a short, low pressure pulmonary circulation while the left side drives longer, high pressure systemic circuit. • Wall of the left side of the heart is thicker than that of the right side. • Right side circulates the deoxygenated blood while the left side…

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  • Cardiac Cycle Research Paper

    The cardiac cycle begins when the deoxygenated blood from the upper part of the body 7 and the lower body 8 enters into the hearts through the superior vena cava 9 and the inferior vena cava 10, this blood enters the right atrium 11. Now the right atrium contracts pushing the blood into the right ventricle 1 through the tricuspid valve. As the ventricle is filled the tricuspid valve closes to prevent any back flow of the blood. The right ventricle contracts forcing the blood to enter into the…

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