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  • The End Of The Tour Analysis

    with amazement at this movie that came out to good reviews but, sadly, didn 't gross highly or get much talk from the public. The End of the Tour is a film by James Ponsoldt that puts to life the real five day interview done by David Lipsky on David Foster Wallace, a writer who had just released his new critically acclaimed book, Infinite Jest. The lens I am looking at and conversation I am joining involves postmodernism and post-postmodernism and their relation to the movie I chose and art as a whole. The End of the Tour is a film centered around the life of David Foster Wallace, a writer who often criticized postmodernism and talked about the movement he thought would follow, post-postmodernism or New Sincerity, which would then influence the way the film on his life would be made. I will use the postmodern and post-postmodern lens to look at the films structure, main characters, and life of David Foster Wallace in relation to my lens. The End of the Tour is a movie directed by James Ponsoldt and was released in 2015. It stars Jason Segel as the real life writer, David Foster Wallace, after the release of his critically acclaimed book, Infinite Jest, and the 5 day interview he did with Rolling Stones writer, David Lipsky, played by Jesse Eisenberg while Wallace was on his book tour. The movie takes place in 1997, primarily at Wallace 's home in Bloomington Illinois and at his final stop on tour in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The movie is 1 hour and 45 minutes long and…

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  • Analysis Of David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest

    My interest in postmodernism was spurred by my reading of David Foster Wallace (DFW)’s Infinite Jest which the New York Times summarized by saying, “The overall effect is something like a sleek Vonnegut chassis wrapped in layers of post-millennial Zola. Mr. Wallace's... fiction reveals him as a student of literary post-modernists... flirting with metafictional tropes and self-referential narratives. (NYT)”. The New York Times is an incredibly well respected paper whose reputation depends on its…

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  • Judy Hopps

    One day in Zootopia, Judy Hopps was tracking a rogue chameleon. The color changing animal had been stealing ties from Billy, a goat who owned a suit store. It was a sunny day in the city, with predators and prey walking together in the streets. Suddenly, a thundering boom sounded all across Zootopia. A strange pod had appeared in the town square! Out of it came large creatures with no fur or feathers. These, of course, were humans. There were ten of them, standing tall above the citizens of…

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  • Arrow Vs Flash

    Holding Out for a Hero Whether it’s six year old kids playing with superman action figures, or college students going to see the latest Batman movie, it's evident that in this day and age, everyone loves a good hero. In an unpredictable world where so many people often feel powerless, companies such as Marvel and DC comics provide a much needed escape from reality through the use of extraordinary fictional characters, such as the Green Arrow and the Flash. These two DC characters differ…

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  • Should There Be Infinite

    To the best of our knowledge, humans are the only creatures on earth that are able to contemplate infinity. We commonly talk about the infinite universe (which cosmologists now tell us is almost certainly finite but unbounded), we speak of infinite number series, such as the set of even numbers, and we use it metaphorically, as in saying someone has “infinite patience.” Time itself is spoken of as infinite, though it is always tied to finite objects which are changing and we can 't even come…

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  • Examples Of Daredevil: The Qualities Of A Hero

    What is a hero? Is it what people see in movies, a man in tight and has super powers? A hero can come in any shape, size, gender, or race. From a superhero like The Flash or a Police Officer people see in their everyday lives, heros are found everywhere. In the the Marvel comics, Daredevil, DC comics, The Flash, and reality, Police officer, heroes are men who have shown distinguished courage or ability, and who is admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities, But a police officer does not…

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  • David Foster Wallace's The End Of The Tour

    What is it about? David Lipsky (Jesse Eisenberg) is a reporter for "Rolling Stone" and he gets an assignment to interview a critically acclaimed writer, David Foster Wallace (Jason Segel), whose legendary novel "The Infinite Jest" has just been released. The two of them embark on a road trip and spend 5 days together as Wallace is finishing his book tour. On the road, they get to know each other and we get an insight into the brilliant mind of David Foster Wallace. Who should watch it?…

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  • Albert Edward Peacock IV: A Short Story

    looked at him with this smile going all the way across his face like a saint, I mean really like a goddamn saint—not the way people do when they’re trying to get you back either, he really meant it. I asked him and he said he was out there cause his parents thought he had too much freedom. They thought he had too much freedom so they sent him out to Costa Rica, that killed me. We were in Costa Rica at the time. Apparently back home he had a car and lived right by the beach and didn’t get…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Discover Your House By Dave Barry

    entertains every reader through the process. One aspect of his brilliance is embodied by his use of sarcasm to belittle certain issues. Amidst clearly stated belief, Barry serves sarcasm to downplay and mock otherwise serious issues in America. Wikipedia says that: “Sarcasm is stating the opposite of an intended meaning especially in order to sneeringly jest or mock a person, situation or thing.” Barry employs sarcasm perfectly, sneeringly jesting blatant differences between Americans…

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  • Modernism And Postmodernism

    one from Modernism and another from Postmodernism and shedding light on the differences between the writing style of authors and how writing style conveys author’s viewpoint would allow us to identify the contrast. For a Modernist book, through analyzing T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland and the Postmodern book that I chose to inspect is David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. Author Ayan Meryem describes the unique qualities in each of the writing styles in his article about “Writing styles among…

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