The End Of The Tour Analysis

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As a big movie fan I have found amazing films all over, whether it be big-budget action dramas, or low-budget indie moves, you just need to open your horizons and try new things. I try to do this by looking at trailers for upcoming movies online which helped me stumble upon a trailer for The End of the Tour, which from the start caught my eye and had me anticipating it 's release. I winded up watching it at home one night and after the film, I was just over come with amazement at this movie that came out to good reviews but, sadly, didn 't gross highly or get much talk from the public. The End of the Tour is a film by James Ponsoldt that puts to life the real five day interview done by David Lipsky on David Foster Wallace, a writer who had just released his new critically acclaimed book, Infinite Jest. The lens I am looking at and …show more content…
We see how Wallace affected the world so greatly with his writing and what he thought of the world or even postmodernism. With help from his words, Wallace has been able to change what we see in our pop culture today with more and more sincerity in our movies, television, and books, and a bit less cynical irony. This can even be seen in the movie, The End of the Tour, where that sincerity and heart, is seen in the films plot and ending. The characters of Lipsky and Wallace in this movie have very different motivations and in many ways, Wallace can be seen as a postmodern character, while Lipsky can be seen as a post-postmodern one in how they act during the film. The End of the Tour is a great movie that looks at an incredibly interesting man who has affected our world for the better. As a man tormented for most of his life with depression and addiction, it would be nice to have him see just how much he affected our society as a

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